Stephanie Pratt and Josh Hansen Break Up, Bicker on Twitter

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Stephanie Pratt and Josh Hansen have broken up, and somewhat contentiously. In other news, Stephanie Pratt was dating a dude named Josh Hansen.

Just kidding, we did know that. Because we watched The Hills' final season despite recommendations of our psychiatrists, we knew they were dating.

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Amazingly, even after the revelation that by and large, The Hills is fake, that part was apparently real. Stephanie and Josh did begin seeing each other.

It's all over now, though. The sister of Spencer Pratt and the motocross racer "went their separate ways," her rep confirms. Yes, Steph has a rep.

Whatever triggered the breakup, Josh was not pleased.

Josh Hansen and Stephanie Pratt in happier times.

"Another dysfunctional move by Stephanie pratt," Hansen Tweeted. "I was under the impression u had to be someones bf in order to get dumped."

Ohhh, snap. In response to that Tweet, the always intelligent Stephanie reported: "No josh Hansen u were dumped so stop acting like a child."

"Keep star [expletive] ur (sic) way into Hollywood. Now pls GO AWAY!!!!!!"

A rep for Hansen says he and The Hills hanger-on were never an official item and that the racer is "moving on." Looks like he's making good on that, since the dude's been Tweeting at Girls Next Door star Holly Madison fairly regularly.

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sorry steff but your still a nobody, no matter who you think your dating.. any member of spenser's dna mix is a loser. She has always done whatever she could to be include with the reglr's on Hills but just never made the grade, sorry steff, but your still just a want-a-be, richer sure but money can't buy you class dear...


Let's be honest... Stephanie's a great girl but star f******?
Josh was a "star" before she was, he's been riding moto-x forever. She got famous being LC's friend.
Sucks for them but they can both do better.


Wowww, Josh not only lost his mind but his girl as well. Maybe too many bumps on the dirt track? Whatever the case let's see if Josh uses his now known face to help others and animals in need of rescue as Stephanie has for years or just himself. Even BEFORE she had fame Stephanie showed she has the kindest heart in Hollywood. My guess for Josh...probably not.


This dude seems like a douche. His loss. :)


I always thought twitter was for children and self-obsessed celebrities. Nothing has convinced me otherwise.


Twitter is the words place to take out anger, its asking for the world to be your judge, I erased my twitter account because of stuff like this.

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In 2007, Stephanie Pratt emerged as a supporting player on The Hills, getting all up in the grill of Lauren Conrad and having a difficult... More »
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[on Stephanie hanging out with Lauren Conrad]
Spencer Pratt: Don't you have any sense of family loyalty?
Stephanie Pratt: I can't believe how hypocritical you are - you who became best friends with my ex-boyfriend in high school even though I hated him!
Spencer Pratt: [looooooong pause] He wasn't your boyfriend, I hate to break it to you. He was your semi-formal date. You can call it what you want.

Stephanie Pratt: [crying] You're making me feel so guilty.
Spencer Pratt: No, you're making YOURSELF feel guilty. Thinking about what YOU did.