Snooki to President Obama: You're a Liar!

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Snooki is upset with President Obama, and not because of foreign policy, health care reform or even the tanning tax she whined about in the Jersey Shore premiere.

She thinks he dissed her on TV.

During Obama's visit to The View, he said he didn't know who Snooki was. Hard to blame him for trying to dodge that one, but in May, POTUS joked that the Jersey Shore star and her cohorts should be excluded from that very tanning tax.

"I know he knows who I am," Snooki told E! Online this weekend. "Why did he have to lie and say he didn't know me? He did say Snooki and JWoww about the tanning stuff and now he doesn't know who I am? He has to stop lying."

Looks like Barack's down one voter in 2012.

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KISS OFF: Snooki wants the President to stop the lies.

As for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slamming the MTV series for tarnishing the Garden's State's image, Snooki, who is actually from N.Y. State, simply said:

"He needs to come over and have a hot dog and a Corona and just chill."

But not too many Coronas. Otherwise he could end up arrested like Snooki on July 30. "I learned not to drink during the day and save it for the clubs. Have you ever been in jail? It's not fun. I never want to go there again."

We have, and can vouch for her on that one. Better to wait until at least 4 p.m. before cracking open that first cold one. Maybe she'll write this newfound wisdom down in one of her new books. Yes, that was books, plural.

"One is the Snooktionary with all my sayings," Snooki said. "The other is the story of somebody going to Seaside Heights and everything that could happen to them."

Could make a nice stocking stuffer, Barack.


I like snooki shes very funny and weird.that waz funny when she got waz also funny when she told a man who was sitting on the bench where the beach and the man said it rite behind me lol.she a little crazy.


In two years,Snookums will be the passing fad of yesterday's news.


Dumb .. dumb .. dumb .. I don't know who you are either other than hearing your name .. did you ever hear of COMEDY writers? .. They write for MANY people, including the president .. to make him (them) sound funny .. he has NO clue who you are . the writers DID .. they wrote that whole thing .. you are as dumb as you sound .. get a writer cause you ain't funny and maybe, asking for trouble .. FBI type .. I don't watch your show . .I would never watch your show and far as I am concerned .. should be cancelled .. reality or whatever .. all of them should go away .. IF the President mentioning your name made your day . you are as ignorant as can be. He does NOT know who you are . he did NOT lie .. he read what the writers wrote for him so he would be funny . you are NOT!

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