Slash and Perla Hudson: It's Over!

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Slash has filed for divorce from Perla Hudson, and it could be a nasty one.

According to legal documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Slash (a.k.a. Saul Hudson) cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

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The Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist has two boys, ages 6 and 8, with the former Perla Ferrar. Slash is seeking joint physical and legal custody.

SEPTEMBER PAIN: Sources close to the couple say the breakup of Slash and Perla Hudson is extremely acrimonious. Yes, we know it's August, but close enough!

Slash's representation by Laura Wasser confirms that this could get ugly in a hurry. Wasser has made a living, literally, duking it out in ugly celeb divorces.

The couple was married in October 2001 with no prenup in place. Slash lists the date of separation as July 15, 2010. It is unclear what prompted the split.

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To Gina: Slash meeting Perla was not "a Jewish arranged marriage". Neither Slash nor Perla are Jewish, first of all, so it wouldnt have been a Jewish ANYTHING. Perhaps you aren't aware that for an arranged Jewish marriage, the people getting married must be Jewish? Idiot. Secondly, Jewish arranged marriages are usually found among the Ultra Orthodox Jews and involves two people who were raised and are presently observant, Torah abiding people, modest in dress, speech, etc. And it's always between younger people, usually in their late teens to early 20s. Neither Perla nor Slash have ever been observant, modest, Ultra Orthodox Jews, or Jews at all for that matter. So whatever the hell you're talking about with Slash and Perla being an arranged Jewish marriage, is beyond stupid. Shut up, sit down, and stop spewing trash and ignorance.


I don't like her she elbowed me when i was trying to get slash's autograph.


Carmen, OMG with the English and spelling. Waist?


Im guessing most of the women making their comments known here about Perla's weight are over weight them selves! Perla's a whore she said herself she was a groupie and that means a whore. You hang around rock stars get fucked up blow'um screw'um guess if its good enough they will marry you! But that statement above that Gina wrote is very interesting. Im curious about that. Slash you have millions of awesome gorgeous lady fans that would die to take Perla's place and im one of them!!! Oh and i'll stay in shape for you!! ';)


This is to answer Gina. You never knew perla or you will know that she never work in a downtonw law firm. That is the biggest invention I have to read or heard in all my life, and I am 67 years old. In the 90s she was modeling in France and London.
For the rest of you who critized her weight. She only was big after the two back to back pregnancies with 9 pounds babies.
Get your information right or don't waist the readers time. It is insulting to everybody.


Slash has called it off because he's a fool.


Golddigging slut. We call her Slash's gash.


I worked in a downtown law firm in the 90s where Perla worked as a clerk for a secretary. She did nothing but brush her hair and say, "I am going to marry a rockstar". When she met Slash, which I think is a prearranged Jewish marriage, she came in the office and said, "I did it, I am marrying a rockstar." Because the law firms run criminal checks, it went through the grapevine that Perla had an extensive criminal record. She changed her name to hide it and also had extensive plastic surgery to change her nose, cheeks, chin, breasts, and eyes. Some said she was Aileen Wuonos, the former "Monster" who was a prostitute. They say she was executed in 2002 but some say the execution was staged. This is definitely a very criminal couple-scarey looking.


That's an old picture of her, probably right after one of their 2 kids was born. Have you seen her recently? She is smoking hot.


Slash looks creppy now but when he was young he was actualy nice looking. hes half black aparently , i was kinda shocked when i saw him when he was young check him out on google and search slash young.I Dont understand why slash wants a divorce perla is very beautiful and her is size shouldn't affect how gawjuz she is( you supid fuck Alexandra)