Should Chris Lambton Be the Next Bachelor?

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Cape Cod Chris. The nice, handsome 33-year-old who moved home from NYC to Dennis, Mass., to be with his ailing mother won over millions on The Bachelorette.

Unfortunately, someone else won Ali Fedotowsky over more.

Suffice it to say, while we have nothing against Ali's fiance, Chris Lambton would have been a good choice too, and a graceful exit Monday only boosted his stock.

With the possible exception of Jason Mesnick, there's never been a more popular runner-up. We guarantee a starring role on The Bachelor is his if he so chooses.

We can't see the show selecting Jake Pavelka as its star had there been interest from Kiptyn Locke ... or Reid Rosenthal. But this season, it's Chris and only Chris.

Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Lambton

Chris and Ali hit it off in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez seem to have found genuine love and happiness on the ABC franchise. Should Chris take a shot at doing the same? Vote:

Should Chris Lambton be the next star of The Bachelor?


I think Chris is a great guy inside and out. He is so handsome and sincere. I can't imagine this guy lying or being deceitful in any way. Whoever he marries will be a very lucky girl. I think he should be the next Bachelor because I would love watching him again for several weeks. He is so easy to look at and I love his deep voice. But, I don't want him to get hurt again. That is my primary concern. He will find someone better than Ali either on the show or off. He should be happy Ali didn't choose him. She is very insecure I heard and somewhat needy and has a lot of relationship issues. He can do so much better and I hope he gets over her soon and realize he really did dodge a bullet!!


Chris no doubt is nice. He doesn't strike me as bachelor material to be on the show all about him. He's simple as far as his life goes and he doesn't need to be exploited further. Jason was not
actually a thrilling bachelor nor "claim-to-be somebody he wasn't
Jake" but they were kinda fun to watch because of their flaws.
Let's get a nice guy, good looking but with substance and is sincere. They need to be a stable person w/admirable qualities
and a gentleman, not desparate.


I think you should have more actual life situations then just romance on the show. Example set up budgets, plan an event, babysit for kids together, sitting in on a counselling visit with people that have problems and how they would fix it or help them fix it together. Maybe the couples would stay together after the show more than just dealing with romance because once reality hits--there is nothing there.

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