Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola Returns to Jersey Shore Following Meltdown

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Creepin' is bad news, but money talks. Despite storming off the set this week, Sammi Giancola will be returning to MTV's Jersey Shore, don't you worry.

Sam was PISSED when the cast watched the second season and she saw just how bad Ronnie Magro was creepin' on South Beach while they were "together."

Giancola was reportedly livid not just at Ronnie for acting like a complete jackass, but at her co-stars for not blowing the whistle on his cheating ways.

Sammi, Ronnie, Situation

The Sammi and Ronnie situation? Not a good situation.

“She absolutely couldn't believe that Ronnie would do this and the girls hadn't really told her,” a source close to the Jersey Shore star (and native) said.

After several days away, however, Sammi came back, and the reason was simple: “She wants the money. She can’t walk away from all that money.”

Sammi and her guido/guidette brethren received substantial raises for Seasons 2-3 as Jersey Shore has exploded into surprise smash hit for MTV.

Season Two, which is currently airing, features the cast in Miami and those are the episodes Sammi was watching when she flipped the f*%k out.

She saw episodes that have not yet aired, reportedly, which is absurd in that the ones that have already aired feature bad enough stuff from Ron.

Hey, they did write you a note, girl.

Season Three is being filmed right now in New Jersey and the cast is a few weeks away from finishing that production. Sammi will be a part of it.

“Sammi walked out and there was very little time left to shoot,” the source said.

“Obviously the show wants her back and when she realized how much money she stood to lose, she got over her anger toward Ronnie pretty fast!”


Last thing: It's no coincidence that Sami has never, ever had a girlfriend come visit. She doesn't know how to be a friend.


J is so much more mature. And Sami, sorry to break it to you, but you did NOT win the fight with J and all your trash talk shows all your insecurities. I can't believe Ronnie stuck with Sami as long as he did with all her baggage - - getting an attitude every time he doesn't compliment her enough, pay enough attention, whatever.... blows No girl is worth that much trouble. Other than house controversy, Sami is the most BORING cast member EVER and the biggest girl JERK. Ronnie wins for biggest guy JERK. Would be great if we never saw either of them ever again on the show.


You girls hating here are a fucking disgrace. She should go back, they are ALL in this for money and possible career and fame, which you have seemed to "forget" about. Sammi has every right to be there she is casted just like the rest of them and Ron didn't succeed destroying that :D It makes me so happy. You sad, sad, pathetic excuse for a human Ronnie, you couldn't win. You just got even smaller. Sammi is a smart, strong, genuine, loving, warm, funny, cute and beautiful girl and I wish her every luck. You can all die of jealousy.


All I have to say is I hope Jenni kicks Sammi's teeth in! Sammi is so stupid. After she lets Ronnie make her look like a fool in Miami she still takes him back, and then wants to start stuff back in the house start of the third season. Like Deena says "female backpack." Really sums it up Sammi "female backpack" Giancola


Sammy is so stupid and she has no class or personality. All she did on the 2nd season was lay in bed stressing over Ronnie (who is short, stupid & has little feet)! She got mad at the girls who really cared about her b/c they wanted to tell her w/o causing friction w/ the housemates. Instead, she focus' on them because she wasn't going to break up w/ Ron. She's a perfect example of a girl who only values herself if she has a boyfriend, whether he sucks or not. Guess what? Ronnie sucks! they deserve each other! Don't bring her back - she's BORING!!!


No she wont she is retarded.... Please I am sick of seeing retards dont bring her back SMH


Shes a RETARD!


Well hopefully she can be a lesson to all the females of the world on "how not to treat your friends and how to let your boyfriend treat you like a piece of garbage". The girl must have the IQ of a mushroom. For the producers of the show - she's like watching a train wreck - terrible to watch but hard to look away I guess

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