Sammi Giancola Bolts Jersey Shore After FINALLY Learnin' About Ronnie Magro Creepin'!

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The rest of us have known about it for weeks, but Jersey Shore star Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola reportedly left the show late last week after watching some early Season Two episodes that reveal Ronnie Magro creepin' on random hoes.

As we've seen pretty much all season so far, Ron has been getting absolutely rip$h!t drunk, mauling any grenade or land mine in sight, then crawling back in bed with Sammi. It's an ugly situation. He's extremely dirty and she's pretty naive.

At least until the cast watched the complete second season while shooting the recap last week and Sammi finally saw just how hard Ronnie cheated on her.

Sammi somehow no idea Ronnie was cheating, despite the fact that a camera crew documents his every move and would obviously bust him eventually.

Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola

I'M DONE: We've heard that 406 times before, but now ...

“Sammi was angry and hurt by everyone,” a source close to the Jersey Shore cast said. “She couldn't believe Ronnie did this and the girls hadn't really told her. She just couldn't stay living with the person who did this to her, so she moved out.”

Hard to blame her. The South Beach exploits of Ronnie Magro are epic.

Seriously, we've seen drunken debauchery before, but this guy gets so plowed he can't see straight, would hook up with a stray dog if it showed interest, drops f-bombs and c-bombs on his girl repeatedly, then goes to bed with her.

Pretty awesome, if you can get past how awful it is.

The current third season is being filmed back in Jersey with a few weeks to go. Will Sammi return or leave for good? It's unclear now, but she's really hurt.

“She had to find out in front of everyone that her boyfriend was lying to her and treating her like hell,” the source said. “If he didn't want to be with her, why do that on national TV? He embarrassed her in front of 5.5 million people.”

Pretty much.


wow I have nevr been so annoyed with how dumb some one acts. I wonder wot she thinks whn she watchs herself on t.v? I cannot believe she really has fans! Such a whiney lil lame d.b' how did she get her name sweetheart? I dnt even think she has ne friends! She needs to get outta bed pop sum depression pills n get w the program


Wow! Tonights episode was great! It looks like Sammi will be staying at the Shore. But apparently according to this article she leaves later in the season hence the video (preview) mtv show with her in a cab leaving... boo!!! Sammi and Ronnie just need to part ways and stay on Jersey Shore! I will miss her and probably not watch without her!!! Come on Sammi you can do it!!!!! Remember your fans!!! There will be more Gorilla Juice Heads out there! LOL!


I personally like Sammi the best. I feel sorry for her. Yes she has done things I dont agree with but we all have. When you are in love with someone its hard to leave them like that. Its easier said than done and you all should know that. Snooki and JWow should of told her face to face woman to woman about Ron and not in a childish letter form who cares what friendship you are trying to protect. If was one of them they would want to know face to face. Sammi has some issues that she needs to work on but its hard when the whole house is up against you.


sammi IS a dumbass and to argue otherwise is to concede to your own stupidity. If you cannot see all the proof pointing to her stupidity (her refusal to believe the obvious truth about ron, her stalking, her intense dependency on ron) then you yourself are stuck in the same mindset she's in. i understand she may be psychotically in love with ron, but that doesnt give her the right to act like such a bitch, a stupid, naive, rude bitch. pity her? hah, go ahead. more psychos in the world just means more to laugh at.


Not Only did the girls write a note, the Situation told her to believe it...She lost me when she chose to be mad at the girls but she never got mad at Mike,Angelina (the 2 who actually saw him) or Ron for that matter and he is the one who cheated.


Forgot to mention this also: Sammi & Ronni are selfish. Instead of taking a 2 bed room, they took the 3 bed room just to screw somebody's summer up. Now Mike can't bring girls home & he has to hear these assholes smush every night [that's all they do BTW]. They gotta know nobody likes them but they force someone else to be miserable with them. Selfish bitches.


Sammi is a bitch! I have never seen somebody so clingy and insecure as she is. As soon as Deena walked in the house she says..."I thought she was going to be hot...I was a little taken back". To me, that says she feels Deena is a threat. Everything she gets she deserves! All she does is lay in bed and follow Ron around. She would rather peek out the window watching everyone having fun then to actually get over her insecurity and join in. I hope that bitch goes's long over due!


Im on Sammis side. If Jenni and Snookie really cared about their friendship with Sammi they wouldve told Ron to man up and tell Sammi what was going on or they would. Instead they wrote a letter and acted like they knew nothing. All they wanted to do was start trouble. If I was in Sammis shoes I would have my guard up to. She couldve handled things with Deena a little better but hey Snookie jr was trashed and annoying as hell.


Wow. ANYBODY who wishes AIDS on anybody is the only people who deserve it WENDOLY. As for Sammi, what kind of idiot doesn't know they're getting played when they receive a note saying "ur being PLAYED"... I'm pretty sure Sammi's borderline retarded. The only person who can stand her is Ron & thats only cuz she's as easy as she is dumb. I can't wait to watch Jwoww beat that a$$... Oh & why does Sammi always have her nose wrinkled up like she can smell her own fishy aroma? What a dumb bitch.


Sammi is a C**T!!! Wat a joke!! She makes women look bad!!

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