Samantha Ronson: Eff Religion!

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Somewhere, Bill O'Reilly is preparing a tirade.

Samantha Ronson says music is what connects her with her spiritual side. It's an understandable sentiment, however she may want to reconsider her phrasing.

The former girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan spins at a party called Take Em to Church Sundays, which predictably earned flak from her considerable Twitter following.

When one "fan" berated her on Twitter for "more religion crammed down our throats," SamRo responded, "religion?? F*%k religion. My religion is music, homie."

We imagine she'll be hearing about that one.

Ronson Style

Samantha Ronson does not mince words.


She looks like a dirty, smelly anorexic rat and I am sure when she takes off her jeans (if ever) they stand up on their own (eew). I know she thinks her claim to fortune is being a good DJ but oh how sorely mistaken she is. She and Lindsay deserve each other both being so uggggg.


well...if she keeps smoking i think she will wind up praying some day, praying she doesnt die of lung cancer. she's so SKINNY!!!! she must have an eating disorder or something, she looks like a skeleton...she should put the cigs down and head to mcdonalds

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Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson Kissing
Samantha Ronson is a British DJ who dated Lindsay Lohan for a long time and who smokes a lot. This celeb frequents the L.A. club scene... More »
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She's great. She's also 22 years old. I think people forget that.

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Vote for Obama! Mainly because if [Sarah Palin] gets elected my green card probably won't get renewed!!!

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