Rush Limbaugh Wedding Photos: Kathryn Rogers, Elton John and Happily Ever After

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Rush Limbaugh's wedding in June garnered a lot of attention.

First off, his new wife, Kathryn Rogers, is beautiful and they seem really happy together. We wish the radio host and his bride nothing but the best in life.

Much of the buzz surrounding the nuptials in Palm Beach, Fla., stemmed from the fact that Elton John personally performed at the occasion. He really did.

The singer's partner, David Furnish, confirmed that Elton John, a gay liberal, sang at the conservative activist's ceremony, making for a truly odd scene.

Now there are pictures proving that the scene existed: Rush posted them himself on Facebook! Famous media and political figures ... they're just like us.

Rush Limbaugh Wedding Photo

Rush Limbaugh's wife, Kathryn Rogers, was the center of attention - but when Elton John serves as your wedding singer, he's guaranteed to get his share as well.

Of course, the fact that Rush reportedly paid $1 million for Elton's performance - all of the proceeds going to charity - might help smooth over any differences.

Gushing comments abound on Limbaugh's Facebook page, such as:

  • "Two American Winners! God Bless and Congrats!"
  • "What a classy wedding for a CLASSY couple."
  • "Great pictures Rush, It's good to see you both so happy!
  • "Congrats Rush .... Kathryn is so out of your league :)".

LOL at that last one ... sorry Rush. For many more pics from the beautiful wedding, click here. Then follow this link to become a fan of THG on Facebook!


Stop casting stones, people. Rush needs a wife who is sure enough in her own skin that she doesn't have to live through him. I think he's got it in Catherine. This one will work. Forget the age thing. Would you complain if it were anyone else.


Great job at protecting the sanctity of marriage Rush. Your fourth wife is half your age, and your idiot fans still adore you. Congrats buddy! Loser.




Is this Rush's 3rd or 4th wedding?? I'm losing track...The odds are not good, but at least he can "afford" a pretty blondie! :P I have no idea what she would see in him besides $...but at least he's trying to be respectable, so good for him. Good luck, there!


There is only ONE Rush! You make me feel safe in this crazy world we have NOW! God Bless all you do, always. Happy marriage, too. My first thought...when I heard about your wedding, OMG, there IS going to be a little Rush, Jr.! Someday.

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