Rolling Stone Showdown: True Blood vs. Mad Men

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From naked vampires to well-coiffed advertising executives...

Rolling Stone has followed up its sexy True Blood cover with a feature on Jon Hamm, January Jones and the rest of the Mad Men cast.

These stars may be fully clothed, but Christina Hendricks offers something with which Anna Paquin just can't compete. Well, two somethings. See what we mean below and then cast your vote:

Nude on Rolling Stone
Mad Men Cover

Which cover is sexier?

Below, Jones, Hamm and Hendricks pose for a few more shots from inside the issue:

Jon Hamm Photograph

Nov21dingoman5 Burden in my hand by Soundgarden is one of my fieoratvsOn a side note, I think wake me up when September ends by Green Day is the worst music video in exsistance. Most of that video isn't even singing.


No one can really beat the sexiness of True Blood.. Anna might not have the biggest 'assets' but damn.. she's got a great, toned body. She's hot, she's quirky, she's respectful.. THAT is sexy...


Looks like poor Anna had a really bad case of the monthlys. Who the hell comes up with these ideas for photo shhoots. Come on!!

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