Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Date Night in Montreal!

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For Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, it's been a week full of amore.

First, the actor visited his girlfriend on the Canadian set of her new movie, On the Road. Then, he took Stewart out for dinner at  Montreal’s Le Club Chasse et Peche.

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“When they arrived, they were normal, like anyone else. They were in a very good mood,” a staffer at the French restaurant told Hollywood Life. ”They were laughing and talking; they seemed to be having a great date. They never left the table, they were very happy."

Guess this answers the pressing question: Is Robsten fighting or dating?

This romantic rendezvous went down on August 11. Later, Rob went down... nevermind.

"There was no kissing or anything but they seemed to be in a world of their own," said the witness, adding that the couple left in a "very good mood."

As always, we wish Pattinson and Stewart nothing but the best!

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Well it looks to me that poor Rob is not so happy in this picture, look at the veins on his forehead!! Poor dude!!!


I agree that finally are together giving himself the opportunity to enjoy their love are very nice Rob and Kristen both look happy and I hope that his love remains intact so on as before.
I wish you much luck and success.


Love them as a couple, love each one alone. Love their smiling faces, especially when their smiles reach all the way up to their eyes. Kristen's does in this picture, not Rob's. But I've seen some pictures where Rob's smile could knock your socks off!Anyway, they make the most beautiful coulpe ever!


Who are these people besides being canadian?


I wish them the best whether they are together or not. I wish people would leave them alone and give them some privacy!! It would drive me crazy to constantly have people following me, putting a camera in my face, and speculating on my private life. I know they are famous, but that doesn't mean they are not human. People need to cut them some slack! IF they are in a relationship, let them be without bothering them. I'm a fan of them both, but I do not think I need to know every detail about their private life.


Kristen can keep Rob,his ass must whiter than his face.


i think she is better with him wish them the lack they are meant to be for each in real life


I think it is great for them.They are young and enjoy each other in the crazy world they are now apart of.Its nice to see pics of them.It would be so nice to see a pic of them smiling together,but they need some privacy.They handle this better than I would.LOve them both.They are so amazingly talented...


Love them both...Wish them the best...Even some privacy too...


Love them!! Wish them the best!

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