Rihanna's New Neck Tattoo: Hot or Not?

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Rihanna left her New York City hotel on Wednesday with a special message:

rebelle fleur

The tattoo, visible in the photo below and to the left, means "rebellious flower." That basically sums her up, right? It goes along with a nice tattoo on the other side of her neck, which may be new as well (it's hard to keep track of Rihanna tattoos).

Her most recent ink read "Never a Failure, Always a Lesson." At least she makes them unique. The singer took the stage in Connecticut last night, and performs at Madison Square Garden tonight, tats and all. What do you think of them?

Rebelle Fleur
Rihanna Neck Tattoo #1

Rihanna: A rebellious flower. In a pink blazer. [Photos: Fame Pictures]

What do you think of Rihanna's new tattoos?


riri ur tatoos are hot gal...


rihanna aint worryin bout yall haterz.fall back!!! she gonna do her and yall still gonna be up her ass!!! need a new daydream dnt u think...


i really love rihanna she's my best really but she changes she's different as she was
i love her style like before now she's as a rock sad girl or something like that really rihanna just back as u were ^^^
i still love ur song but u really diffrent :(
ur more pretty with ur black hair ^^


The French actually put the adjective after the noun so it should be 'fleur rebelle' not 'rebelle fleur'. Major FAIL.


God stop with your stupid ass tatts!! All your tatts are fuckin retarded!! No one looks good with a neck tatt and that goes for you too!! Are you still trying to show that world what a hard-ass you are cuz I am (still) not seeing it. You will regret it ones of theses days...


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