Rachel Uchitel: Doing Jeremy London?

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If you're married and a celebrity, Rachel Uchitel is available.

That much is true regardless of this story, which is based largely on hearsay, but come on. Would anyone put it past her to bone Jeremy London in Celebrity Rehab?

London's estranged wife Melissa says the Mallrats and Party of Five star is involved in a romantic relationship with the VIP Nightclub Hostess / professional mistress.

While he stopped short of denying a romance, London told Radar Online he had a strong relationship with Rachel Uchitel, an “amazing, intelligent, sensitive person.”

“I’m very protective of Rachel because of our friendship,” Jeremy London said.

“She’s been wrongfully persecuted by the media and because of what the media has done to me after I was nearly murdered, I relate to her.”

Jeremy London Photo

Jeremy and Melissa, who wed in 2006, have had a rocky relationship that escalated after he was recently kidnapped, robbed and forced to smoke drugs during an ordeal in Palm Springs. The pair recently entered rehab together.

London then joined the crew of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab 4, while Melissa checked into Pasadena Recovery Center, to be treated for a prescription drug addiction.

Since completing treatment, however, the pair has separated but remain legally married to this day - a prerequisite for any sexual relationship with Rachel Uchitel.

Just the same, London recently denied it's anything physical.

“Rachel and I are good friends PERIOD,” London said of his wife's accusations. “Melissa is ridiculous... she has no idea what she’s talking about and is like a child."

Uchitel, whose affairs with Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz made her a household name and very, very rich, just checked into a sober living facility in Malibu, Calif. ... supposedly to stay close to London and other Rehab cast members.

The plot thickens ...


rachel reportedly got 10 million to be quiet and only screwed tiger several time. Elin reportedly got 100 million, but had to live with Tiger for 6 years and pop out 2 kids. Seems Rachel isn't so stupid. 10 million for being a part time mistress? What is that noise I hear? The sound of stampeding stilettos? Rachel should write a book; "How to date marry a millionaire and then become one."


who hasn't she done!!them lips must be good for something...


One of the ugliest women I've ever seen. Ugly inside too. Another oxygen thief.


he supplies her the drugs and she supplies him the skank juice. you can smell her sleaze from here.


this guy defends this skankbag against his wife! that wife better get sole custody of their kid and keep it away from this psychotic loon.


uchitel = ugly hoebag
london = loser
they both deserve each other. get married and keep your STD's to yourselves!


Wow! Is Carmen actually Elin Woods user name? Unfortunately, this rumor in regards to Jeremy London and Rachel Uchitel are false, solely based on the fact that Jeremy London doesn't have any money for Rachel to take from him which, in turn, makes him utterly useless to her.


You spelled her name wrong Carmen


Rachel Uglitel is a nobody that wanna be rich and important!!! She remains in the media for spite and revenge towards her lovers, because she could not get what she wanted, to trap a rich man!!!She is a filthy prostitute and an extortionist of rich married men!!! She reportedly allows them to use her ugly silicone enhanced body for kinky, pervert sex for money and when they leave her, she threatens to go public and extorts more money from them to keep silent about their affair!!! This prostitute should be put in jail for extortion!!!

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