Prop 8 Overturned; Celebrities Tweet Reactions to Monumental Decision

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Earlier today, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker announced his verdict regarding Prop 8, the controversial ballot proposition that was passed in November 2008 and banned gay marriage in California.

Judge Walked deemed the amendment a violation of the Constitution's equal protection clause under the 14th Amendment and overturned it. THG's reaction to this news?

Hooray! There's no practical argument against the harmless institution of gay marriage, and every reason to treat homosexuals the same as heterosexuals. As for the reaction in Hollywood, an outspoken community when it came to this issues? Here are a handful of responses:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: "This decision affirms the full legal protections and safeguards I believe everyone deserves."

Ellen DeGeneres: "Equality won!"

Portia de Rossi: "I am ecstatic that proposition 8 has been overturned in the state of California. This is an incredibly exciting and historical day and a big step towards equal rights for all."

Lance Bass: "Congrats on the overturning of Prop 8!!!!"


Pink: "It’s a good day!"

Adam Lambert: It's time to "throw glitter on this barn!


Kelly Osbourne: "so happy over the news on prop8 its about time!"

Kim Kardashian: "Prop 8 was struck down! This news is amazing!!!! Its about time! Congrats to everyone!"

Shanna Moakler: "Tonight we celebrate! EQUALITY and LOVE for all! This is so much bigger then [sic] marriage, it's about wisdom, compassion and knowing we CAN be heard, action DOES make a difference!"

Samantha Ronson: "Song Of The Day: Let's Get Married- Jagged Edge."

Olivia Munn: "Prop 8 Overturned!!! Equal rights for everyone! Nice to be out of the 1950s..."

Seth Myers: "Prop 8 was always my least favorite Prop. Favorite Prop: Joe."

Vote No

Reese: stating you are bisexual..and that you are sexually attracted to both boys and girls doesn't imply you are confused? well, uh, i am the one that is confused then!#@ it may be 2010 but having morals doesn't change with time. and really, i wouldn't throw God's name into the mix of this conversation.
Gina: you think sex in every form or fashion is beautiful??? so sad that you (as well as lots of others) apparently don't realize that sex is a sacred act between a husband and a wife. NEVER was it intended to be a mere animalistic act or for casual entertainment. to think that Jesus Christ suffered so much for all of us! so sad that so many people are just "clueless" and continue to live for the pleasures of the flesh with no boundaries!!! talking to people with this mentality is a total waste of time....i am out of here!


i am straight as can be, but i am in full support for every lesbian, gay, bi, and trans out there.
i think its beautiful.
if i asked you how exactly this affected YOUR life, what would you say.?
just because everyone can get married now, doesnt mean that its affecting your life at all.
will it make you lose your house? car? family? job?
i dont think so.
@reese i support you, and for all those dick heads bashing her,
she didndt say I DONT KNOW IF I LIKE BOYS OR GIRLS, which would be confused.
she said, I LIKE BOYS AND GIRLS, no question in there.
grow up and get a heart.


im not a child.
and just because i like both, doesnt mean im confused in any way.
i know i am going to marry a man, but being attracted to girls isnt a crime, and i dont have sex with them.
grow up, were in 2010, for gods sakes.


Well, M....isn't that just wonderful news! Let's all just do whatever we want! wouldn't that be great?! have sex with everyone, even our pets...then get fatal diseases and have benefits to raise money for the poor victims! now isn't that Just "Fab"?? the fact that you think this is progress is what is so disturbing! am looking for california to just break off and sink into the ocean one, that would be GLAM!


Terri Brent Hamet do you really think we all have equal rights? if you are WHITE and a CHRISTIAN you do NOT. we cannot even say a prayer at the start of a football game anymore, yet a Muslim can pray whenever and where ever they AMERICA! a country that was founded on christianity! the judge in California over-ruled the voice of the people! what happened to "we the people?!" glad to know you "think" we are all equal.....


Poor reese! such a misguided child! i love my dog too but that doesn't mean i have sex with him. go smoke another joint....peace out!


Mandy: Yes God does love us all....but that doesn't mean he approves of our bad choices. Are you sure we are all "humans"...maybe a few of us are more in touch with our animal instincts! when you are comparing to wonderful people from the past have you considered the greatest of them all...JESUS? apparently not. FYI: it isn't the gays that are feared...THEY are the ones that should fear (their fate!)


Hey Meh! i can't believe your statement here...WHY does someone like swift2 care???? you have GOT to be kidding!!! maybe it is because the gay community is constantly cramming their lifestyle down everyone's throats! Maybe it is a big deal because GAY people make it a big deal! can you honestly say that seeing a gay man with a fruit bowl on his head, and swishing down the street isn't just asking for attention?! get is "our" problem. get it out of our face!


Hey Narcoo: you have the nerve to call anyone a bigot? Blacks have just as much right to their opinions as anyone else! do you even know what the meaning of a bigot is? must not..because you are one! how embarassing for you....


kylehere: why the need to be so nasty? i thought you wanted "freedom" yet swift2 cannot even have an opinion without you calling her names? you are rude and crude. what does a dog's weiner possibly have to do with swift2's opinion? so childish! it seems when a person lacks intelligence their first recourse is to be vulgar. swift2: do you see the irony on here????

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