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If the mother of your daughter died from a drug problem many people attributed to her life in the spotlight, would you take every opportunity to pose said child in front of the paparazzi and on magazine covers?

No? Then you're name is not Larry Birkhead.

The sorry excuse for a human being invited tabloid photographers to daughter Dannielynn's birthday party last year, which would have been his most disgraceful act as a parent to date... except that he actually did the same to Anna Nicole Smith's grave the year before. Yes, her grave.

Not as Cute as It Seems

Now, Birkhead has cashed in on his daughter again, revealing pieces of information about Dannielynn to E! News because... he's getting paid piles of money for it? He feels a responsibility to the public to share secrets about an innocent four-year old? Form your own opinions on this despicable man below, as you read excerpts from his interview:

On missing Smith: "I know what I had with Anna, and I have a 38-pound reminder walking around my house every day."

On how awesome of a father he is: "[Dannielynn is] with me every single day. I spend tons of time with her. That is one of my biggest accomplishments. She knows the happiness she gets at home and from the people around her."

On Anna's drug problem: "If she stopped taking methadone she could have died, the baby could have died."

On similarities between Dannielynn  and Anna Nicole: "She already has motherly like instincts. She's playing with her mom's dolls."

Read the full interview with E! now.

UPDATE: A disclaimer ...

Larry Birkhead is not a pimp in the literal sense that he manages a harem of prostitutes. He is merely a whore, figuratively, for the celebrity gossip industry, and likely making serious bank off his young daughter via features such as this. Thank you.


Really! Why do u all find any reason to attack someone. He seems like a very doting father and she looks very happy. If he didnt put her n front of the stupid photographers once in awhile u all would hunt them down like wild dogs to get ur story. Normal life!?!? She didnt have a chance at normal life from the day she was born. The paparazzi wont allow anyone to have a normal life that can bring them a paycheck. At least this way he can give you all what u want without chasing them down like animals. Leave him alone, gheez. If u were so against it, then why the heck r u posting a story about it? Not to mention putting pictures of her on ur website further exploiting this child u claim is being exploited by her father.


I think Larry is doing the best he can considering the situation. The child looks happy with him. Let's face it she is beautiful and she is already famous. Besides . . . what's the difference between him and Cruise, Katy and Suri, or the Kardasians, etc. etc. etc.?


I think Larry Birkhead is doing just fine, so would have been exploited by her mom also. Dannielyn looks happy, healthy and well cared for. and she is such a little cutie. I know for one I have been intrested in seeing pictures of this little girl and how she is growing up and what she looks like. With Anna as her mother and Larry as her dad, the girl is going to be a knock out.
good luck Larry and good luck Dannielyn hope to see more pics and stories about you both.


Larry is a wonderful and caring father, too bad all Dads are not loving and spending time with their children. Interesting how folks can make comments about a situation they are not close to....lets find the positive here and embrace this beautiful child and her single Dad, who by the way is incredible with her.


I think it's exploitation,but then again, if Anna was still alive she would be doing it too.


It is disturbing and disgusting that Larry continues to parade Dannielynn around for publicity and his own financial gain.


A lot of celebrity parents keep their children out of the limelight,except for updated photos to keep the paparazzi from scaring their children. Considering the fact that Mr. Birkhead was a photographer,he knows the rules of that game of exploitation.It is not *normal to constantly (volunteer) to put your little girl on display.It is a wonderful gesture to share a photo of Dannielynn from time to time,but not turn her into the attention-crazed person that Anna Nicole was. From the looks of the above picture, Dannielynn is already getting used to the photo sessions, which is adding up to: too much,too soon!!


I read all of these comments on here all the time.People sure love to say bad things abot Larry,I wonder if Anna had lived,what would had happen to this little girl,Dannielyn,would have been in every book.Dannielyn,looks like she is well taken care of,that is what's important.Good Luck Larry and all that are in the house hold that is taking care of the little girl.Hope Howard the best of luck,he needs all the luck every body can give him.He loved Anna and her children.


Birkhead's ability to expolit his daughter for cash is astounding. Truly despicable...


Birkhead's ability to expolit his daughter for cash is astounding. Truly despicable...

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She has a boyfriend. Count from Seasame Street.

Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

Larry Birkhead