Patti Stanger, Andy Friedman Call Off Wedding

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The Millionaire Matchmaker still hasn't made the right one for herself.

Patti Stanger has called off her own wedding to Andy Friedman, she revealed on Twitter Sunday: "I just ended my relationship with Andy," she wrote.

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They had been happy together for a long time, however, "It hit me really hard that I want kids in my life. You have to agree on the non-negotiables."

That seems to imply her man did not want children. The 49-year-old Bravo star, who got engaged to Andy Friedman last year and was with him six years, apparently never mentioned the kids thing between 2004 and right now?

It was not to be for Patti Stanger and Andy Friedman.

After announcing the sad news, Stanger Twittered, "Thank you so much for all the supportive messages, Tweets, emails and Facebook comments. It means a lot."

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Maybe if she was in her 30s, he would say ok. Think about it ... if she had a kid in a year, she would be 70 years old at his/her high school graduation and 80 years old grandmother. Just enjoy Life with him, travel a bit, start a biz together, enjoy the sunrise for the next years maybe the best you ever have. Life Lessons from a 49 year old.


YOU are right....if it does not work for you get out....Patti, could u open up a dating line for 58yrs+ I am from the Caribbean and is having a hard time getting a worthy man of my age group to set house with. I have lots of energy and is looking for someone who wants a committed relationship into marriage. Tired of living alone, needs a partner. Thanks, Pam:):):)P.S.: We really need that age group line out is in demand.


What this means is that she's kookier that the people she tries to help. If she can't have her own life straight, how can she give advise to others.


Isn't 49 a little late to be thinking about starting a family? These 'celebrities' need to remember something - JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD.

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