Paris Hilton Plea Deal Unlikely, Jail Possible

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Will Paris Hilton get off with just a plea-bargained slap on the wrist after her arrest for cocaine possession last weekend in Las Vegas? Don't bet on it.


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    Actually I will bet that she gets off with a slap on the wrist!


    Everyone knows Las Vegas has a lot of drugs. Everyone does drugs all the time there. Its hypocritical for "Sin City" police to harass this girl for a slight infraction. They can't get the dealers, so harass the celebs. The motive must be for the re-election of the D.A.


    Police can stop cars for whatever reason they want and if in doing so they detect alcohol on the driver's breath - more the better, there's all the probability you need. Paris is a bimbo. She should take her position in the family more seriously. WHAT an embarrassment she is to her family.


    In the past few years,Paris has been *paid a tremendous amount of money for movies,
    commercials,personal appearance, you name it,and not one time
    can it be mentioned that she has gotten her hands dirty to offer to help someone else less fortunate. She doesn't owe the world anything,but as a daughter, she does owe her parents less heartache and more respect.


    The police pulled him over, because they "smelled marijuana smoke." Yet, there was no mention of any marijuana in the arrest, so apparently the police were lying about that. They arrested the guy for DUI, but that's not why they pulled him over -- they pulled him over, because of the supposed pot smell. I think the cops were making it up, and a good lawyer could argue that they should never have been stopped in the first place, since the marijuana smell turned out to be a lie, and they really had no probable cause to stop them.


    As a young woman born into a priviledged family,there are a number of directions that Paris Hilton's life could have taken.
    She chose show business,which is a fishbowl lifestyle.There are plenty of show business performers who really struggled for years
    before they received any recognition at all. Miss Hilton walked into the limelight with "The Simple Life". She was given an opportunity that mushroomed into even better advantages,but she has continuously showed her a$$. There are many more deserving young performers who have talents that will take years to be discovered in comparison to this wayward woman /child who has to be an embarrassment to her family.There can be no way that her wealthy parents can attend business meetings and functions without having to look into the eyes of their colleagues,without
    knowing that this pampered princess' behavior is worst than the lowest payed employee working at their hotels.


    Stupid dumb bitch. Just because she's rich doesn't mean she can get away with it. (not rich, it's her FAMILY's money) now it says she's too busy working to hard to even do drugs. Must be hard to party and shop all the time. Take away her FAMILY's money and tell her to get a real job, then see what happens. Skank ho bitch

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