Paris Hilton Not Sweating Latest Drug Arrest

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Despite the serious penalties it could carry, Paris Hilton's cocaine arrest - her third drug bust in under two months - doesn't worry the ho-tel heiress one bit.


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    If Paris is quilty of having drugs on her and/or in her, they should give her stiff penalties. Yes, she would be the example for other users of illegal drugs. The fact is, as you hear all of the news regarding the drug violence, the innocent victims, and the increased cost of law enforcement, the real issue is the users of illegal drugs. If there was not a demand, no supply would be needed. Since the top down version to control the illegal drug problem hasn't been working, it's time we started throwing the book at the users. The casual users, like Paris, are the true cause of America's and Mexico's drug war.


    paris is proof postive that money cannot buy you happiness, class, morals or anything that is meaningful in life. she's a
    a drug addict & i feel sorry for her. her parents must be so proud, as they were when the sex tape came out, because to their thinking, it made her famous, put her on the map. for them no publicity is bad publicity. with parents like that, it's no wonder. they all think that it's ok, her reckless & arrogant behavior because they happen to have inherited money. when we die we can't take money & things with us. that is telling, because what matters most is the love you leave behind.


    Here we go again , you know she is going to say it's not mine , just like the weed at the world cup . It piss's me off ,she thinks we are all stupid If you are going to do drugs , do them , but don't treat the rest of us like we are dumb . If you are going to smoke weed speak up, as for the coke ??? . All I'am saying is face up to the facts,stop treating people like they are stupid an learn that like it or not we have this thing they call the LAW that we all have to live with. You want to get high speak up, the way it looks going to pass prop.19 or whatever it is,don't know if it is right ,but what we been doing is NOT working.

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