Oksana Grigorieva Wants Mel Gibson to Cough Up More Child Support

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The financial needs of nine-month-old baby Lucia were front and center yesterday in the latest custody hearing involving Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.

A marathon hearing involved a request by Oksana, who has accused Mel of beating and threatening to kill her and Lucia, to up his child support payments. 

Sources say Mel's lawyers argued the kid is nine months old and doesn't need more than Mel is paying - $5,000 per month plus additional living expenses.

Not an invalid point, no matter how much Gibson is worth. However, in the end, Judge Scott Gordon decided not to rule on the spot, but to think that one over.

Mel with Oksana

Mel and Oksana earlier this year. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

As for Mel's court deposition, which has been postponed at least once, and which she says he's trying to dodge, sources say a date still has not been set.

Three separate investigations are ongoing to establish custody of Lucia, whether Mel committed domestic abuse, and whether Oksana committed extortion.

Oksana may soon try to subpoena Robyn Gibson, Mel's wife of 28 years, regarding claims that he was never abusive to her or to their seven children.

All three probes are still underway, and it may be a while yet before custody rights are hammered out or criminal charges are filed, if any are filed at all.


Hey Ned Kelly, Well said.....lol....the others below you writing negative disgusting things about Oksana know nothing of Narcissistic Mental Disorder (the profile of "ITS ALL ABOUT ME')...Mel, once exremely handsome cant handle middle age and BLOW me down, he has a dick for brains and an abusive brain...Like all of us, I loved Mel Gibson, but there is no excuse for abuse and the man needs to grow older gracefully and should have appreciated his lovley wife Robyn who has given him the greatest gifts of all, seven children and been there from their humble beginnigs....Mel, you would be more of a man if you could just admit you have anger problems, that your not the centre of the universe and that you need help instead of fighting and telling lies in a court that 'YOU DIDN'T DO IT'. Ned Kelly your so intuitive and correct.


Forgot- Im sure Robyn and his kids could see this coming,and tried to stop him making a fool of himself,
AH-the man in middle age crisis-thinks there is something better out there,and he is being led by his dick-.not his brain. He sure did loose a great wife.


Bet Mel wishes he could turn back time,and regrets ever having anything to do with her!
I have to say I have met so many of these Russian money whores.
wont have anything to do with a man unless he has money,and theyre as cold and calculating as hell,seems to be no soul in them-no wonder he ended up screaming down the phone-and he already spent 5 MILLION on her.
There soul purpose is to get pregnant,after that they dont want you anymore-they have there meal ticket!!
How could anyone need more than 5000 a month.???for a baby.
She has everything paid for-a huge lavish house,new car,nanny.
all bills paid.
I hope the judge gives custody to Mel.
That would be justice for the gold digger !!

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