Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson Hit Son, Threw TV at Wife

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Oksana Grigorieva continues to make shocking allegations against Mel Gibson, telling law enforcement that he hit his son and hurled a TV at his wife.

The actor's ex-girlfriend says she personally witnessed him hitting his youngest son, Tommy, and that Mel personally admitted the TV incident to her.

Mel's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Robyn Gibson, submitted a sworn affidavit to the court stating Mel was not abusive to her or his children once in 28 years.

But Oksana Grigorieva, who claims Mel punched her twice and that she feared for her life and that of their baby daughter Lucia, says otherwise.

The Russian singer and pianist alleges that Mel hit Tommy in the head while at a hockey game at L.A.'s Staples Center two-and-a-half-years ago.

“Oksana told authorities about Mel’s ‘angry outbursts’ toward his own family and friends,” said a source familiar with the Mel Gibson investigation.

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Another disturbing day in the Mel-Oksana saga.

“She said that Mel, in her presence, hit Tommy, in the head, while they were in a box watching a hockey game. She said Tommy started crying and whimpered for the rest of the game, choosing to sit by himself, away from his father.”

Tommy was nine at the time. He is one of Mel’s seven children with Robyn, whom he split from in 2009. He got Oksana pregnant around that time.

As for the alleged attack on Robyn, a Russian newspaper quotes Oksana:

“Mel said several times how he threw a TV into her (Robyn) once when they were arguing. Thank god he missed and the TV fell out a second story window.”

Yes ... thank God he hurled a television set but happened to miss Robyn and it sailed through the window. Is there any way that's even remotely true? Would Robyn really forget that and/or lie under penalty of perjury if so?

This doesn't mean it's a lie that Mel abused Oksana, or that he doesn't need serious psychiatric help. Those rants prove as much. But it seems as if the deluge of tall tales and shady actions from her camp only make her case less credible.


And he threw a shoe at Obama too.


I believe this is before she became pregnant by Mel the Monster. It didn't matter then--she was counting the money--ka ching.


Seriously over this story.....I think that Oksana is not telling the whole story and it seems that the more this goes on the bigger the issue gets...it just doesn't ring true !!! I think she is just after as much money as she can get, it would seem that $15 Million just wasn't enough !!!


Robyn has more class than Oksana can ever dream of.


This women and her mother have no borders and no respect. She should leave his wife and children by his wife alone. Bad enough she hasn't protected her own son from this mess or her daughter from the tapes. (Not technically divorced) Reminds me of what a closet alcoholic room mate did to me. After I went to the police because she took a knife and threatened to stab me; she counter charged accusing me of assault by throwing a T.V at her. She later testified that it hit her feet and bounced. Judge told her she had no credibility.


Is using your hand to discipline a child illegal? Is it a clear sign of child abuse and endangerment? My parents spanked me when I did not do what they thought was right. They did this several times. Luckily for them, Oksana wasn't watching. Regarding the TV toss, I understand that this is an old Scottish war game previously played with large rocks. I saw it in a movie once, yes, it was in Braveheart.

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