Oh, Elle, No! Kim Kardashian Frolicks, Flirts with Justin Bieber in Magazine Spread

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Prepare for more death threats, Kim Kardashian.

The large-breasted reality star, who was legitimately threatened for posing with Justin Bieber at a White House event in May, will likely face more vitriol from a few million teenage girls when the new issue of Elle hits newsstands.

That's because it features a multi-photo spread of Kim and Justin, one whose theme Kardashian blogged today "was The Graduate, for obvious reasons, LOL."

In that 1967 movie, Dustin Hoffman's young character is seduced, and bedded, by a much older woman. It's fine if Kim wants to laugh out loud over that reference, but she better not make any other sounds out loud around Justin... if you know what we mean!

For Elle
Kim with Justin

What's Ewww? Click on the photos above to enlarge shots of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber at play.

Really, the only thing more nauseating than this pictorial is the official trailer for the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Kim i thought you had class i was wrong. You flirt with a 16 yr. old young man. This young man is Jailbait to her.


Kim Kard...& all the other family member's are a bunch of nobodies. The only person who was even remotely known in that family was the father figure mr. kard. & not in a very kind way.
As for justin bieber, where is yr christian mother monitoring your career, as she said she would be doing? Do not compare the Graduate movie with the behavior of a 16 yr. old. Dustin hoffman was a college grad. How proud you must be jb's mom.


i find this offensive. kim will do anything to get her pic in the press. why bieber's mgr has him do this is beyond me. kim is famous for a sex tape. and nothing more. except flaunting her girls and her a**. kim needs to put the girls away in this case. better yet, permanently. as for bieber, his popularity with his bowl haircut defies all logic.


I'm on the floor laughing & my stomach is starting to hurt. Are you people serious? COUGAR? She's not even old enough to be a cougar! And why would she want to be with him? He looks like a dork with that bowl haircut & his singing? My cat sings better!


Okay ow is this possibel?30 year old chick with a fag like Bieber?


oh my god.. this is the worst photoshoot I've ever seen. the age difference should be the only reason why they both look pathetic


Kim Kardashian needs to fall in a hole, burn, and die. I hate her for more reasons than to get wet with Justin Bieber.


The age difference is quite a lot. She is beautiful and famous for something. Not sure what, though. Guess he's famous, too. Maybe he did it just for the exposure and to tag along on her name.


Kim is so annoying. She will do ANYTHING to stay in the spot light. It's funny how her family became famous because of her sex tape.....and she is the least favorite LOL. Well, I think so anyway. She is so fake.


i hate her shes like wat 30 something? and justin like 16!there's something wrong with them !

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