Octomom Pines For Spot on Dancing With the Stars; Not on Short List

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The only rhythm Nadya Suleman is familiar with is cranking kids out of her body in remarkable syncopation, but why let that stop her from chasing the dream?

Octomom is angling for a spot on Dancing with the Stars, says her lawyer, Jeff Czech: "Nadya is in top physical shape. She has been working out for months."

Bristol Palin, you're on notice!

That's a Lot of Freaking Kids

Octomom would have at least 14 votes ... [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The mother of 14 has had a strong interest in dance and Dancing with the Stars is one of the few shows that she takes time to watch, reports Czech.

"She'd love to do it," he says.

Don't hold your breath, Octo. Nadya is not on the DWTS short list, although look how well Kate Gosselin did for them last season. We're just saying.


I used to watch John & Kate until their divorce. As we have seen, even tho Kate is a nurse there would never be enough money for her to raise her children on that salary. I recomment the Octomom to contact Kate for some guidance. She has found her way. Nadia was living hand to foot and said she wouldnt use her children for publicity. But she has now humiliated them for all the antics that are happening to her. I don't care what degree she has, she has no common sense. After already having six kids, and having eight more, I think it is time for child services to step in and take action. If all her children go to foster care, she can go out to work. The kids need to be provided with much more than she can give them. She can provide them with the love, thats it!


well ...well, and here I was hoping she would get an education and oh I don't know, maybe pull up her bootstraps, work hard and make her life meaningful and her family and mentors proud. But with all those children, what on earth can she do ...except go on welfare. What a totally stupid decision she made and now she has a herd of kids. Kinda makes me sick, really does.

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