New Witness Surfaces in Mel Gibson Case

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Testimony from an audio engineer who works with Oksana Grigorieva may have seen Mel Gibson lash out at her, and says he could be a "star witness" in the ongoing domestic violence investigation against the troubled actor.

The guy, whose first name is Jimmy, allegedly witnessed Mel verbally tearing into Oksana out at her for months, and has provided a legal declaration stating so.

Jimmy has told multiple sources close to Oksana - people who know Grigorieva both on professional and personal levels - that he was with Oksana and Mel every day over a 10-month period helping with her music and can attest to his behavior.

According to the sources, Jimmy frequently heard him blast Grigorieva verbally using words all too familiar on the Mel Gibson rants - whore, slut, b!tch, and c**t, etc. - in rants fueled by jealousy when other men were around Oksana.

Poor Insane Mel

Mel Gibson has problems, but whether he really hit his ex-girlfriend remains in doubt. A new witness corroborates accounts of the actor's vicious mean streak, though.

Jimmy does not say he ever saw Gibson physically abuse Oksana and was not present for the January 6 meltdown when he allegedly struck her. Other witnesses are rumored to have seen the attack occur, but their identities are unclear.

Regardless, the engineer has given Oksana's lawyers a written declaration that includes his "eyewitness account" of several alleged fights between Oksana and Mel. L.A. County Sheriff's investigators have not spoken to Jimmy yet.

Last week, Oksana's bodyguards posted in a statement that they support her 100 percent. Mel has not been charged with a crime and police are also investigating Oksana, with whom he has an eight-month-old daughter, for extorting him.

Whose side are you on in this whole mess?


Arrigato, you got it, they are still mad over what a drunk said years ago. What monsters these people are!


Konichua, What if she realy used or abused his money? What if Oksana realy playing the whore? What if she realy was flurting with other man?
What is she realy dressed provocative? What if she realy shook the baby and Mel had to hit her? What if she realy has fake boobs? Doesn't that make a man mad? What if Mel realy has alcholic angerproblems allthough sober for years? What if he he was trying to quit smoking and used tranqeluizers for that? What if it is all true and releasing these tapes is a evil payback? For destroy his career and make a lot of money? Just like in the Michael Jackson and countless other celebrety careers? What if...........? Arrigato.

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