New Sarah Palin Book Cover Released

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The cover for Sarah Palin’s newest book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag, has just been released by publisher HarperCollins.

The book is due out November 23, after the midterm elections and about a year after the release of her bestseller, Going Rogue: An American Life.

Expect the new book – and extensive book tour - to amplify the speculation over whether the ex-Alaska Governor will run for president in 2012.

It certainly would be interesting if she challenged Barack Obama.

Among the many, many things Palin ripped Obama about in the past was his writing two books and having very little to show for it legislatively.

Since the 2008 campaign, she resigned as governor to focus on her career ambitions, whatever those are, and apparently write a few herself.

Just saying.

New Sarah Palin Book Cover

Should Sarah Palin run for President in 2012?


I am neither a D or R, but I'll say this.... as a woman, from the first moment I heard SP speak, I knew what kind of person she was. She has only continued to reinforce the fact that she is a psychopath every time she opens her mouth. Whether she is hiding behind her 'tweets', or Facebook postings..... there's no doubt about it. I am embarrased for all women. I am embarrased that our country is so filled with mindless followers that can be spoon fed such drool without question. Whatever happened to thinking for yourselves... for fact checking information? In this age of computers anyone can follow the line of information, check articles, cross check with substantiated facts. Just listening to the biased 'news' doesn't do it! Use what brain cells you have and do some digging..... and, most important of all, please keep an open mind as to what you will find!


Sarah Palin's ascendency is a mere accident, result of a cynical political manuever by McCain. A mayor of a small town, a governor for less than two years when selected for VP - puh leeez, these may be fine attributes but they do not make her better than Obama in terms of experience or intellect. Despise Obama if you must, just don't pretend you prefer Sarah b/c she is so much more qualified.


do you like this?


What did this woman do to you, that you are willing to take time out of your busy day to say such awful things about her? Do you know anything about her record as a mayor and governor or do you only know the lies and smears that the media told you? I don't know what is wrong with someone who got where they are with no help from anyone, through her own hard work and who cares enough about her country to take the hits from the likes of you and keeps on speaking the truth, no matter what the consequences. It truly is a sick society when someone like that is looked down upon.


Reflects of a Trailer Park Whore would be an honest title especially after her articles in print recently. No wonder people want her to support Republican Party candidates. The Democrats want this nit wit to talk as much as possible since it will help ruin the Republican Party's chance of regaining Congressional seats.


Between the TV's, computers, and cell phones...all of our brains are shot to HELL. Cant you tell? Anytime we start looking at SARAH PALIN as the next president! It makes me sick just thinking about it.


To all of you who think you hate Sarah Palin or hate her and don't know why, do yourself a favor and google the word Journolist. You'll see what's been done to you and maybe you'll look at Sarah Palin differently.


I agree with Gary and, toldly disagree with randyjacksonsbutt. (Showing your backside Randy!!!) She has a photographic memory and, plays tiered chess? Double WOW!!! She is truly gifted. Knew there was something extra special about this person. Let's find the wealthiest people on earth to back her candidacy. She is A WINNER!!! WINNER!!! WINNER!!! TOTALLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE. NOVEMBER SEES SARAH PALIN FROM THE WINDOW OF IT'S HOUSE!! :)


Where is Lei to tell the truth when we need him.


I am as conservative as anyone in this country but i simply cannot stand this woman. I wish McCain never would have selected her as his running mate (which he only did so to combat an African American candidate with a female candidate). She acts like she is so patriotic yet she lives in Alaska. Alaska is like a dumber version of Canada. When she talks about hockey moms what the hell is she talking about? I don't know any hockey moms, my school never had a hockey team and generally Americans don't like hockey. I just want an old white guy running things like it used to be.

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