More Kardashians Kome to Defense of Kendall Jenner

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Following a firestorm created by her bikini-based pictorial last month, Kendall Jenner released a well-reasoned, mature statement that quieted most critics.

Father Bruce Jenner then came out and defended his 14-year old daughter.

Not much has been mentioned about the photos since, but you wouldn't expect the Kardashians to not milk a publicity opportunity for every second and ounce of sympathy they can, would you?

With that in mind, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner have now spoken out about the pics.

"She looks better than most 20-year-olds in their bikinis," Khloe told Us Weekly, making an irrelevant point and then adding:

"In the modeling world, being 14 is actually middle age. Kimora Lee Simmons was walking for Chanel in Paris at age 12; no one commented when she did that. So if you want to speak in modeling perspective, you have to live in a modeling world. Not that many people are putting it in that perspective. They're just thinking, 'Oh, Kendall Jenner. Let’s talk some crap.'"

Now, for Kris Jenner's take:

"One of her lifelong passions is to be a model, and it’s something she’s really excited about. [The bikini photos] are tasteful, she’s covered up completely and they’re not provocative. They’re just gorgeous shots."

Look, Kardashians, no one is accusing Kendall of being ugly. Her looks aren't exactly the point.

No one is accusing Montana Fishburne of being ugly, either, and she claims porn has been her lifelong passion. Sometimes, though, parents must step in when their children aren't old enough to make adult decisions. That's all anyone is saying here.


OH! I think she´s very pretty and sweet, and i think she will do a lot of beautyful things in her life


Do these mudsharks even go to school ? Do they have anything to fall back on once this mascara whore show is over?


kendall looks beauiful in the picture


I feel these girls are able to do what ever they want to do, It is you the people whom will purchase what ever they sale and to be honest I dont see anything wrong with it, There beauti is what makes them famous and if you are beautiful then flaunt it, All the models of the world do it and make very good money doing it. Look at Naomi Cambell and she is a B_ _ _ _, But she is very pretty and she is a famous Model, So look at yourselves when purchasing stuff from the people you all so act like you dont care for....


kendall looks like a thinner and prettier version of khloe but seeing her as a supermodel? definitely not! i like how the kardashians become victims of their own illusion. the pictures have nice photography and photoshopping. go finish college like your brother and don't follow your sisters delusional paths!

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