Montana Fishburne's Mom on Sex Tape: It's All Good!

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Montana Fishburne may not have the approval of her famous father Laurence, but her mom is supposedly on board with the whole sex tape / porn career thing.

Today marks the release of the Chippy D sex tape - we don't know where her nickname stems from, nor do we want to - that the actor tried to buy all copies of.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

Laurence Fishburne is hurt and beyond pissed by his 19-year-old daughter's career move, but her mother and his ex-wife was apparently more supportive of it.

Relatively speaking, of course.

Montana Fishburne, a.k.a. Chippy D, is an adult film star as of today.

In the conversation, which she described as uneasy, but supportive, Montana tells TMZ her mom said, "She loves me and is concerned and worried about me."

But, Montana adds, "She just wants whatever is best for me."

Her mom is Hajna Moss-Fishburne, a former actress and current fitness trainer. No word on how she feels about the fact that Montana used to be a prostitute.


Konichua, Only in Hollywood Babylon. Only in Hollywood Babylon. Everybody's there knows the benefits of making big money. A little pornmovie not that bad? Why forbid it if it makes good money. Do you realy think these poeple want to go back to a life without the freedom and benefits that big money can by? That's why it is called Hollywood Babylon. The only way to think like those people is when you have sold your soul. Don't have to see it as a relgion or God and devil stuff. But there were and are many spooky crazy and totally messed up people in showbizzland. You could say they are wandering like soulless puppets. Getting themselves into scandal after scandal. Right into their graves. Arrigato.




Montana comes from a great family and no one in her family is please about her actions and the decisions that she is making. No one in her family is supporting her actions and this type of career. Montana family and friends are praying for her and hope that she can turn her life around. This is a situation that I hope she can recover from. Family and friends beleive that this scandal started for a unhealthy relationship and being involved with the wrong people. Please do not bash her but encourage her to come home to her family and friends so that she can start a new life.


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... level-headed young lady, sorry about that typo... Montana, save an acting slot for me, sweetheart!


Good for Montana! I would think that her mom and dad would be proud of what ever she does. And to the hypocrites on here: you're just p-ssing and moaning because you can't thing of a way to make money like this level headed young about. How sad. Start living your own lives instead of someone elses. And I hope she takes the porn industry by storm. If she ever needs movie partners, I be first, 10th, 27th and 80th in line Montana Fishburne rules!!!


How fucking humiliating for the family!! Guess this is a sign that she can't shut her mouth for any reason!! FUCKING WHORE


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Montana Fishburne Sextape
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