Montana Fishburne (Chippy D) Sex Tape Released

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Here's a piece of news more shocking than any CSI spoilers: Laurence Fishburne's teenage daughter is about to launch her career ... with a sex tape.

Montana Fishburne, who "works" under the name Chippy D, is starring in a sex tape for skin kingpins Vivid Entertainment. You can learn more here.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

The film is being released this month.

Montana talked briefly about her new gig last week, saying, "The first time is really nerve racking ... but, I have a lot of at-home experience." Nice?

Why would Montana Fishburne go this route at the tender age of 19? Well, she's seen the success of Kim Kardashian and what a sex tape did for her.


No word on how Laurence Fishburne feels about this.

"I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape," the youngster said in a statement.

Now that's the kind of person and career to which any teenager should aspire. Just hope Ray J doesn't make a cameo in Montana's on-screen debut.

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how cheap montana. you are disgraceful to your self and to your wana get famous work hard and earn with recpect and dignity other wise you'll regret your whole life what you doing should't have done this to your dad


OMG That's one true scandal - not like the other ones - really sad for her and her family here's the link with the sex tape >>>


Cool, just watched the tape online at this site


meeen, you're something...why don't you put up a prayer for her so that she might not do DP's, fisting etc. The woman chose what he liked for her, I guess she's pretty happy with her decision. Remember she was already convicted for prostitution, so it's obvious she needs it so bad, so let's hope she finally met with the big black di:ck she so much craved for...


Meant to say sorry Mr.Fishburne when she gets all used up making "Snakes Pulling A Train".


Ironfront is so right. They'll have her doing DPs' and fisting within a week of this films' release. Be on the lookout for a Xmas Bukkake vid at years end. Sorry Mr


How sad. Children really have no idea how much pain they can cause their parents. And imagine being a public figure trying to deal with such mortification.Is she doing this because she wants to be a movie star, but didn't inherit her father's talent? So she'll take the easy way out, just expose herself and become a celebrity instead? Or is it just a teenage rebellion she should have gone through when she was 14? And it's hard to believe that a 19 year old is ignorant and immature enough to aspire to the heights (?) of KK And of course, it will be the poor parents who will be shamed and blamed.


quero ver o filme logo


What happened to respect for our parents much less ourselves.Maybe Kim Kardashians sex tape helped her to make money but I wouldn't let any of my three grown sons near her.Once you put out a sex tape or photos what decent man will want her?It's one thing to know someone you love has been with other men, but to see it on tape or in photos is a deal breaker for most men.I do feel sorry for her parents and wonder why they don't have influence over her .So Sad!!!!!


"working"? she's getting paid for it, it's work, there's no need for inverted commas.

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