Montana Fishburne As Is: Torment of Laurence Continues With Racy Magazine Cover

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The Laurence Fishburne Embarrassment Tour 2010 is still going strong.

Already the father of a newly-minuted porn star, Laurence now has to see his daughter Montana posing practically nude on the cover of As Is magazine.

Yes, that's a real magazine, and yes, that's Montana Fishburne on it.

Naturally, there's been controversy about this. Aside from the fact that it's a nearly-naked picture of Montana Fishburne, who is 19, it looks doctored.

The "spotty discoloration" on her backside is something "fans" have noticed in her past "work," and something the porn star opened up about recently.

“I’ve had spots on my butt forever – it’s a leopard booty,” she joked ... and yet her bottom is all one smooth color. We feel dirty analyzing this, but ...

Montana Fishburne Booty

Montana Fishburne poses for As Is. So wrong.

One thing that hasn't changed much from one naked display to the next is Montana's attitude toward her CSI star dad. The headline quote from Montana reads: “I’m Not Doing $h!t To Him, But F*%king And Having My Career.”

Just f*%king and beating the crap out of her boyfriend's ex is more like it.

"I just didn't want to wait. I turned 18 and I was like 'alright,'" Montana has said about shooting porn. "This is something I've been thinking about for four years, so I didn't want to wait. I was so excited to get started and I am so excited.”

Montana, who was offered a multi-picture deal, has performed in two porn movies, one with Vivid and a second sextape with porn star/rapper Brian Pumper.

That's probably not his real name.


Tragic. Medicine works wonders hon, see a shrink.


Sure christa, we could pray for her, but I think at this point she needs more than a prayer to save her life or sole. You are right that something tramatizing probably happened to her but doesn't necessarily mean that it was sexual; maybe she lacked attention cuz of her dad and this is a cry for attention. Who knows but there is something going on in her head that only she knows and only when she comes to term with what is really bothering her, she will continue this train wreck of a life. Good luck to her, very sad to say the least.


If she were my family member, I would have a hard time with this. Now she is posing butt naked on the cover of a magazine for all to see. So she continues to make herself look bad, and tainting her fathers name.. Tragic!


100% of women in the sex industry have been sexually molested or raped at least once in thier lifes. we shouldnt b 2 quick 2 judge. who nos what her life was like. who nos what her dad is really like behind closed doors. we should pray 4 her.


If fame is the name of the game,you have to admit it,there is no *shame in her game.


Yikes! She is only 19 and her boob is already sagging? Seems she has already lived a fast life. She didnt get to this point for nothing. Other than that, it is her life but Im sorry for her father.


Can't wait to she had kids and her daughter tells her, "I'm not doing shit to my mom but fucking and having my career." Short of that, we'll all be on TMZ watching this shit backfire over the next few years. I give her until 30 before she realizes that her dad is Lawrence f'ing Fishburne and she could have been an A lister. Thinking a lack of talent is why I'm literally seeing her ass right now.


this bitch should have some respect for her father,especially because if it wasnt for her dads name she wouldnt get any attention at all, and i agree with the other person that said she looks like a Rhianna wannabe. she tries to justify it by saying shes trying to get her acting career going, yeah ok. she just being a whore and theres no other way to put it fucking and getting paid for it? PROSTITION all the way. I feel bad for her dad!


gross wtf she has spots on her ass? that is fucking disgusting. Anyway as for her career choice, no judgmenet. If she wants to do that for a living then it's her life.


Man, whatever. Aint nothing wrong with that woman regardless if her image has been photoshopped. ALL these women (men too) images are photoshopped. She is still a beautiful woman. Stop it. Knock it off.


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