Miley Cyrus: Moving on with Douglas Booth?

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up. This much is certain.

Beyond the news of their split, rumors are running rampant regarding just why this seemingly happy couple is no longer together. Did Liam cheat on Miley? Did a photo of Cyrus and Adam Sevani actually play a role in this demise? It's all speculation at this point.

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Did Miley trade in Liam for Douglas Booth?

But we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't report on every possible explanation, so behold the latest:

A bartender in Waterford, Michigan tells Hollywood Life he spotted Miley and LOL co-star Douglas Booth flirting up a storm this week, three days before the break-up with Hemsworth was made official.

“It looked like Miley was very interested in [Douglas],” the witness says. “I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they were flirting so much. She was really fawning all over him, acting really girly-girly. For his part, he seemed to be eating up the attention.”

Booth is an 18-year old British actor with no major American credits on his resume.

The anonymous bartender adds that the pair was out with castmates Ashley Greene and Tanz Watson and "the flirting was very respectful... they didn’t [kiss]. They were among friends and other people in the restaurant – but she was falling all over him."

Sources say Booth has had a girlfriend for three years, so he doesn't come out clean in this story, either. As always, return to THG in the near future for the latest on Miley and her evolving love life!


I support Miley if she chooses not to wear underwear in public.What i dont like is when the papazzi try to take pictures and take advantage of the situation.You should have the right to get out of a car without a camera focussing up your skirt.


miley has made her self look slutty. but overall i think she has grown up. knowa right form wrong. and doesnt give n eff about what u bitches say! now FUCK uu !!


@Blaize: I must say---I never,ever, get tired of seeing your work. You've seen my work long enough to know that I most certainly was going to mix-it-up with @Minka---but after seeing Your post---I can't see where mine is even necessary. Great job,B'! You flat-freakin'-Rock!! Later,all; Hollywood---out...


@Minka: First of all, what you said about Miley having a different guy every day of the week isn't true. She's been dating Liam for a little over a year. Dressing and dancing in a sensual way doesn't make you a slut. People who say doing that means a woman 'has no self-respect' are just narrow-minded prudes who have very limited, repressive, old-fashioned, superficial views of female sexuality and physical appearances. And there's no way Miley can be "THE BIGGEST SLUT IN HOLLYWOOD" because their are celebrities who have done a lot racier things than her. Get real.


miley is a whore. she has a different man every other week. She needs to respect herself if she wants someone to love her. Shes the biggest slut of hollywood!!!!


Ew he's ugly. I dont like miley either. I kinda actually feel sorry for her. She has made her self look really sluty and whorish. Its sad.


I dont believe any of these rumours,Mley and Booth have living in separate trailers for the last couple of months.You can ask anyone at the trailer park.


i lov miley dn cre who shes dating either as long as shes hapi


who cares. i love miley so much and i don't give a damn who she dates as lng as he's not a stripper or whateva.


aww i like miley with liam better...nvm his hot too...i thought they were happy together


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