Miley Cyrus in New Movie: Drunk, High, Waxed

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Miley Cyrus has made it clear: her next movie, LOL, will showcase a mature, edgy side to the actress.


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    Well done to think of seomthing like that


    Ooooh shit @undead_hero, you told hiiiim :)


    You rock you are pretty where do you get your chlothing


    My god let the girl grow up. She can't stay that cute little tike forever.


    miley is NOT drunk, waxed and watever, its her character thats doing all those things. and @hilton hater, wen someone asked u whether it was ok for daniel radcliffe to pose naked in a play at 17, u said it was ok since he is only playing a character, and not doing those things in his own life. that applies to miley as well.


    @briana: Actors and actresses should not be criticized for the behavior of their characters. The only reason why you're so against this is because it's Miley Cyrus. As usual, people can't be fair when it comes to this girl. This movie is obviously not for little kids. Get over it. Not everything Miley Cyrus does in life has to be 'appropriate' for 5-12 year old kids.


    It's a roll in a movie... I wish everyone would stop making such a big damn fuss over everything she does. it's her character not her.


    Miley Cyrus. We aaaalll knew this would happen sooner or later. It doesnt matter if she doesnt act like this in real life, it matters what role she is playing and her actions in this movie. If she wants to be known as a lesbian, pot head, and rebellious kid in this movie then let. It only matters to her what she wants her slutty life to turn out as. And BTW PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING, She already turned 18.


    @Jay: That's not true for more than one reason: 1. This movie is obviously going to be rated PG 13 or R, which means that most of Miley's young fans won't be seeing it. 2. It's not Miley literally smoking pot, it's a FICTITIOUS CHARACTER doing it. (Plus, it won't even be real pot.) Twilight didn't make a whole bunch of kids start drinking peoples' blood, did it? It's just acting. 3. The movie isn't trying to glamorize the character's behavior; it's to show the dangers behind it. Not everything Miley cyrus does in her life or career has to be considered 'appropriate' for little kids.


    Miley is a role model. She is now showing kids that it is ok to do drugs. Kids want to be just like her. so now kids are going to start smoking pot just because miley is.

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