Miley Cyrus: I Want to Be a Role Model

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For Miley Cyrus, it's the end of an era.

No, we aren't referring to the time in her life when she wore pants and didn't look ridiculous each time she took the stage.

Instead, we're paraphrasing the singer herself in a recent interview with The Montreal Gazette. Cyrus spoke to the newspaper and explained her decision to end Hannah Montana after this season:

"You don't want it to grow up too much, where the younger audience feel they can't watch the show anymore. But also, [don't] go backwards and make it so young that you lose the older fans that you have. It's just kind of come to a point where there's not much more we could do with [the show]."

Miley is focusing on her career as an adult actress, a transformation she understands isn't easy to take for many fans.

"I want to be a role model and have people look up to me, but this also doesn't mean that I am not going to live the way that I want to live," she said. "I'm going to grow up at some point, and I've been always honest about that."

Just so you know, Miles, wearing skimpy clothing on stage and pretending to make out with female dancers is NOT the sign of a grown-up. These are the actions of an immature child desperate for attention.


This girl lost her mind completely. I am so disappointed in her !


i want to be model what can i do.


Aww, she's a great role model for whores. :)
And I thought she was a devout Christian or something? Biiii-mbo.


My daughters can keep watching Hanah Montana as long as I don't read any more stories of Miley not wearing underwear in public.


haha i liked that last little thing you said about her just being desperate for attention, it's so very true. Miley may be growing up, but she's acting very immature.


actully 4 a performance miley dressing is quite many time hav we seen top singers wearing this, britney,madonna, lady gaga....n u all cant get over miley wearing a short dress...
n she didnt kiss maby thats her way of saying she is growing up n dnt want ppl 2 control her so much anymore


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