Mel Gibson Had P.I. Grilling Witnesses in Oksana Grigorieva Case; Actor's Ex Alleges More Abuse

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Mel Gibson hired private investigators to visit key witnesses in an attempt to discredit former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva's abuse claims, reports say.

Radar Online says PIs visited at least two witnesses poised to provide evidence against Mel, who stands accused of battering Oksana on January 6.

OG Rollin' to Court

Oksana has told police, who are investigating Gibson, that he punched her twice in the face, leaving her with two broken teeth and a concussion.

One of the witnesses visited by Mel’s private eyes was her dentist, Dr. Ross Sheldon, whose accounts of the injuries Oksana suffered have varied.

“This calculated ploy explains the conflicting stories the dentist supposedly made about injuries Oksana suffered at the hands of Mel,” said a source.

Despite his apparent conflicting stories, Dr. Sheldon says willing to go on record stating that Oksana did indeed suffer a major blow to her mouth.

He's got issues, but did Mel Gibson abuse ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva?

Meanwhile, Mel’s alleged flurry of punches January 6 was not the first instance of domestic violence, his ex-lover has now claimed to authorities.

Grigorieva says the rage-filled superstar first assaulted her in November 2009. Just a few weeks after she gave birth to their daughter Lucia.

“Oksana said Mel got right up in her face during a confrontation and was screaming and berating her,” said a source familiar with the investigation.

She told law enforcement Mel was so worked up, he was literally frothing at the mouth as he spewed hatred and even spat saliva in her face.

It's a vision we can easily picture after listening to the Mel Gibson rants - phone calls she recorded with the out-of-control actor February 18.

“Oksana said Mel pushed her on the shoulder and butted her with his chest,” said the source. “Oksana claimed Mel pushed her a number of times."

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department will turn over the case to the D.A.’s office, which will decide whether to file charges, in about two weeks.



Mel's people have clearly hired INTERNET posers who alter the tone of online discussion in his favor when the general public does not like him anymore. They promote fake "studies" that he is still popular, when everyone knows no bank or studio in all of Hollywood will fund him! -- he will have to finance his own films. His ex-wife Robyn is responsible for the sanity of his other kids, NOT HIM, he's been a drunk for years! The new child is much safer with her REAL mother, Oksana, and Mel should be restrained from seeing Oksana, except under supervision w/child visits. He should pay decent child support and move on with his life--he does not "OWN" this woman or child, despite how many times he and his hired people call her a "whore." I hope Jodie Foster does okay w/her film, that it gets released, and then she distances herself from this maniac after the PR, as everyone else has done in LA.


Oksana seems to come up with another story all the time-or is it we are only hearing bits and pieces coming out about her statement??????
It is clear to me that the relationship on Mels side was just to be a fling-then she got pregnant(nobody these days gets pregnant unless they want to!!!)
He was trapped in a relationship he didnt want-and a baby he didnt want.
Then she decided to push out his life his first children and Robyn.
I am only guessing at this,but why else would he be so mad at her As for him suspecting her to have affairs,
I suppose any man would feel like this with her past.
I dont except any violence towards females.but why didnt this all come out before now ??
I wouldnt think to tape someone,or take photos.!
I think its been a set up on her side,to blackmail him.
What else could it be??
There are soooooo many questions that dont add up.
Goodonya Whoopie for speaking out-after all you do KNOW Mel Gibson,the rest of them dont!!!


The defense attorney through his investigator has a right to interview any witness or potential witness who may have information relative to his client’s case. Quit making more of this than it is.


Lol all the evidence against him yet some people just don't get it! Why is everyone trying to discredit her when we've all seen & heard enough proof of his racism, cheating, lying, abusing? So what if she wants money, she has to bring up his kid doesn't she & frankly she deserves it.
Do they think Oksana broke her own 2 teeth? For doing this alone he should be charged.


you apparently take his word for it gail


His people have every right to talk to witnesses and not take Radar on line's version of it. After all, ROL was the one that put the tapes out there and never even checked to see if they had been doctored. You would be wise to do the research yourselves instead of just reprinting what ROL says. Personally, I hope Mel Gibson sues them for liable! They certainly deserve it!

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