Mel Gibson Dumped ... By Leonardo DiCaprio

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In perhaps the first sign that Mel Gibson's career is starting to disintegrate, Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently dissociating himself from Gibson, Movie Fanatic reports.

DiCaprio is dropping out of a partnership with Gibson to develop a period epic about Vikings. We highly doubt that timing of Leo ditching Mel is a coincidence, either.

The news comes on the heels of the Mel Gibson tapes - his widely publicized racist, sexist, rage-filled conversations and messages with now-ex Oksana Grigorieva.

"Not a chance," a source close to the Inception star responded when asked about the possibility of DiCaprio collaborating with Mel Gibson on the Viking pic.

Don't expect these two to link up professionally anytime soon.

Without elaborating, the source added that "Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with these days and Mel Gibson is not one of them."

Gibson was set to produce the film along with Graham King, and Oscar winning screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed) was going to pen the script.

But now that shocking, disturbing details of Mel's personal life have become public thanks to Oksana, it's hard to see his reputation not being tarnished.

Whether the tranquilizers make him nuts or not, he needs help.

This is not good news for Gibson, whose last starring role (after an eight-year hiatus) in Edge of Darkness failed to win over audiences at the box office.

Is this the beginning of the end for Mel's career?


Both hot. Both amazingly talented. They would be an awesome team. But if they choose not to, we can dream on until they're ready lol Either way, they both kick a** and were apart of classic epics that will ever be a part of my, yours, and millions of others, collection to cherish :) ;)


Can't wait to see another masterpiece by Mel Gibson!


Not a chance? Probably misquoted (gee, does that ever happen?). I would guess that Leo's comment was in reply to the question whether he'd drop from the project. DiCaprio is wisely not saying anything directly, waiting for the storm to blow over. If Icon's PR people are as good as they should be, they can use this storm to start up hype on the Viking movie. If anyone can make a good Viking movie, it'd be Gibson. Maybe he should approach Brett Favre for a cameo role? With or without DiCaprio, it'll be another Icon blockbuster.


Reel Movie News?!! They got the piece - like everyone else - from yet another unconfirmed and probably made up Radar Online "story". Notice they're finally learning to use the word "alleged" as the sorry sham of a Russian's entire case falls apart. Maybe DeCaprio IS weak-minded, greedy or just plain young enough to let the slanderers, media-manipulators (audio editors) and gossip pages spook him away from a good gig. When the hidden mics are aimed his way in some awkward moment he may think twice about that choice...not to mention when Mel makes another classic without him.


Mel's career disintegrating? Get real. I just bought his Edge of Darkness dvd at Blockbuster and the manager told me he loves the guy. You can hope all you want that Mel is through but he has something you'll never have and no amount of drip, drip, drip smearing will get rid of him. He's resilient and so much stronger than you pathetic wimps. As to Leonardo dumping Mel, he would hardly be plausible as a viking. Looks like Providence smiles again on Mel Gibson.

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