Mark Salling: Possibly Dating Selena Gomez, Definitely Releasing Solo Album

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From possibly dating an American sweetheart, to filming a hot TV show and recording a solo album, life is busy for Mark Salling these days.

First, sources tell Radar Online that the Glee star has gotten friendly with Selena Gomez. Based on the pair's interactions at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards, they "may be an item," insiders confirm, considering "they were texting" throughout.

Also, "every time Mark came up on stage, she was beaming ear to ear," a witness said.

Salling, who plays the hilarious, lovable Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the Fox smash, has previously been linked to Audrina Patridge. Selena would represent a major upgrade.

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Meanwhile, Salling's professional career is taking off. His show returns to Fox with new episodes on September 21 - and Glee spoilers reveal more of a focus on Puck than ever before - and he's announced plans for a solo album.

It will be released on October 12 and titled "Pipe Dreams." Says Salling of the CD:

“I’ve been waiting for a long time to get it out to you guys, and I hope you really feel it and enjoy it!”

Watch an interview with the actor/musician below, as he makes this exciting announcement.

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just becuase two people are seen together or seen talking texting whatever it may be does not mean they are dating people can talk you know so in that case everybody in the business are dating each other even the married people are dating other people my word guys get off of it so if we are seen with people we are dating them as well even the people who report this garbage like people can be friends and not everybody is doing something so if thats where your mind is then you got the problem


these reporters need a real job and life like who cares what these people are doing they are human just like us they are no specail or different and who cares who they date who they like who they text they can do whatever they want just like we do just because they are famous does not mean they have to have their hole life profiled i don't care about their personal life i only care about their acting or singing life what they do in the business not when they are just chilling and trying to live a life give these people some privacy my word reporters and papparattzi(spell check) get a real job and get over it


OMG, these guys were so wrong about it all. It wasn't Mark Selena was texting it was CORY MONTEITH!!! I she was texting Mark it was probably about Cory, don't you guys get it now? Go and check out the pictures of her and Cory at the KCAs, they clearly have feelings for each other!! And l don't care about the age difference Cory is an awesome guy!!
PS// @blaize you do sound a little jealous there...


I don't care what Selena does too, blaize... why would I? I hardly know her!! Get a life!! Miley likes older guys doesn't she? and Selena hasn't dated one so far so why shouldn't l say maybe Miley not Selena? Get a grip and do something productive.... you disgust me


no way she is dating him!


I'm almost 100% sure that Selena Gomez will not be dating him. That would be contrary to the Disney-based 'good girl' image that she works sooo hard to uphold. Unless, of course, she gets tired of that and one day decides to say "hey, I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm a young adult and my love life and sexuality belong to me, not Disney," like Miley cyrus basically did. That would totally piss you off, wouldn't it, Miley Hater?


No way they're dating. He's ten years older than her, that'd just be weird.


He is cute enough but waaaaay tooo old for Selena... maybe Miley but not Selena!!


OMG, how dumb. A girl texting a guy and smiling at him does not automatically mean they're DATING! ¬_¬


she is single, 100 percent, she is very busy, please leave her alone you crazy media! this is so fake

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