Love the Way You Lie: The Official Music Video

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Just gonna stand there and watch me burn. But that's alright because I love the way it hurts...

Rihanna and Eminem already own the number-one song in the land. Now this power duo has come out with a hit video for the single "Love the Way You Lie."

And it stars Megan Fox! What else could you ask for? Watch below and then read Rihanna's take on the tune:

The song deals with domestic violence, something Rihanna says she and Eminem "have both experienced... on different sides."

She's referring, of course, to Eminem's problems with his ex-wife and her relationship with that monster Chris Brown. Adds the beautiful star:

“It just was authentic. It was real. It was believable for us to do a record like that, but it was also something that needed to be done, and the way he did it was so clever. He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence, and it’s something that a lot people don’t have a lot of insight on."

What do you think of the video?

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I happen to really like this song. I like the song more for the way it sounds, not the lyrics, although I do NOT believe it is glorifying abuse. Unfortunately, it is reality. I don't know how old ur grandkids are Joyce, but I do agree I do not like my children to listen to Eminem at all. I like him, but his music is not for children. Its hard to decide when they are old enough to decipher what they will take from songs. I remember liking songs when I was younger that I wouldn't let my children listen to now. I just liked the song, not what they were saying. I believe this song could be a wake up call to some. I had a close friend that was killed in an abusive relationship. I have been there also and it is very hard to walk away and stay away! My friend had left,unfortunately it was too late for her. I hope there will be someone out there that will hear this and go before its too late for them!


This video is not in any way promoting that domestic violence is ok. It is not saying that people in abusive relationships actually like getting hurt. There's an invisible force that keeps up coming back for more. I know, I'm in this type of relationship right now. Domestic Violence is a everywhere and it's not just the men that do it, women do it as a way to fight back, which often times causes them to be hurt even more.


I thought Dominic did a fantastic job as well as Megan Fox. I hate how they actually had TWO Hollywood stars in this movie and only broadcast one. Eminem is my favorite rap artist and I am loving all the new songs that come out from Recovery. This song is one of my favorites. I love how he talks about how the domestic abuse starts, etc. "Next time there won't be a next time"


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even musicians. Music is a form of expression. I have been in a relationship that was abusive. I left the relationship with help. They have safe houses for people who are in these types of relationships. All I know is sometimes it helps to listen to something like this song to center yourself to be able to do what is right. Things like this happen because people are broken. I love this song. It helps me remember where I was and where I will NEVER be again. Helps to keep the proper perspective.


LOL Victoria Grizzle grow the fuck up. It has nothing to do with being a fan of CB or not u dumb bitch. Its called "Reality". Everybody fights at one point or another. I never said it was right its fucking life. And how do u know what happened in the car that night between them u stupid ass....was u there sitting in the back seat. Bottom line ppl need to stop hating on CB. He did some fucked up shit but he aint the first and he wont be the last motherfucka to do so. Victoria u need to be a detective or some shit since u witnessed the abuse of Rihanna.LOL. Some people are so fucking lame. How can u say fuck me cause I have an opinion.....Looks like u have a violent streak in you....U must relate to CB bitch...LOL..


They are being honest on what goes on both sides. while its not anti abuse or moving forward globally, its what they feel. this isnt showing a female who is weak, its showing a female whos fighting just as much as the guy. people repeat this abusive cycle but what brings them back is a twisted kinda 'love'. so if your old,or have kids and dissing on it, they are making money on their thoughts,and past. i see that as venting. be nice if they donated the money to abuse centers though.


I lived this life the last 4yrs of my 14yr marriage, he hit it right on thats how abuse starts, and they really do love you, but it becomes an addiction instead of love, then combine that with other addiction ( drugs, alcohol, porn, ect) and this is what can happen, the only way it will stop if one leaves, hopefully before one is killed by the other (usually wife)


i really think that this video is really touching it speaks to all the people out there who are getting abused and keep going back to the same shit every day.


I'm sorry but I have grandkids that hear this song on top 40 radio and no matter how "Raw" you think it is it's about violence. I've heard the song and read the lyrics, I don't see it as an anti-domestic violence song at all. Rihanna has sunk to a new low!


I do not think anyone is saying domestic abuse is acceptable. What Eminem has done with his lyrics is describe in detail what happens in an abusive relationship. If you listen to all the lyrics you will get that. Domestic abuse is also a fact of life, unfortunately. It is going to happen. The point he is making in this song and video is NOT that this a some timid woman he has abused...volcano and tornado remember?

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