Lindsay Lohan on Drinking, Drugs and Her Downward Spiral: "I Was Irresponsible"

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"I was irresponsible. And I'm not making excuses." - Lindsay Lohan


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    Downward Spiral.. wasn't that my finishing move when i first tried out wrestling



    The only excuse is these girls don't know that they are delusional. To much fame and fortune makes one like a borderliner untill the point of being a schizofrenic or manic depressive. It is not a healthy lifestyle they have. In the end of the career there is no talent left to work on. Only delusional mediacircus lifestyles.

    Ohm shanti.


    i think she needs to get help and u only see her dad when she gets in trouble


    Lindsay has lived in the fast lane,and has indeed walked on the wild side. With her interview to Vanity Fair,a respectable media outlet (recognizing past irresponsibilities) and touching the ripe young age of 24, maybe, just maybe Lindsay is paying attention to the outside world who still consider her abilities to
    get straight and fly right.Hopefully,she will continue to keep her eyes open and her nose clean of the hangers on who enabled her past "irresponsible" behavior.


    you tell her @hollywood!

    'cause other people were doing it and other people put it in front of me'. what a JOKE! she is incapable of taking responsibility for her damage! if she was experimenting, shouldnt she have had made a descision to stop or carry on? how rediculous


    I can't tell if she's saying her problems were only caused by others or just explaining some of the (valid) circumstances and also taking responsibility. It's hard to tell the article's tone or the tone of her comments. Time will tell I guess and actions speak louder than words.


    From the point of view I got from this article, I sounds like she is not taking responsibility for her actions, she is still blaming it on everyone and everything else.A lot of people have had messed up parents, and there have been a lot of young Actresses that have not let themselves go as Lindsey has. Lindsey was talking about if she was an Alcoholic she would have ended up in Rehab in a hospital I don't think she knows what Alcoholism is then because only everyday around the clock drinkers have the DT's, I have known Social Drinkers who have no problem leaving the drinks alone, just as long as they no they will get them sometime.


    I think that if Lindsey is ready to stop doing the damaging things in her life , then she and only she can decide to do it. We are responsible for our own decisions and the instability that some of us experience during our childhoods is absolutely the reason why we put ourselves through the things we do. I hope the best for her in life and her career and would definately love to see her back on top.


    Anyone else (besides the disgusting Samantha Ronson) over Lyndsay Lohan? I'm just saying, her movies weren't exactly classics and she is not remotely attractive any longer - which is sad considering she is still in her early 20's.

    On to the next druggie please!

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