Lindsay Lohan in Treatment For Both Psychiatric, Substance Abuse Issues

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Having been released from jail and placed in rehab, Lindsay Lohan is being treated at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Hospital during her court ordered 90-day stay.

The star is being treated for both psychiatric and substance abuse issues.

There have been rumors that she is being weaned off Adderall, a prescription drug she has battled addiction with. But lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley says:

"The medical professionals at the treatment program are taking a fresh look at Lindsay Lohan and will evaluate which if any prescription drugs are appropriate."

"Under no circumstance is she being weaned off Adderall."

Court Date Hottie

Can Lindsay clean up her act in rehab?

Officials at Morningside Recovery, where Judge Marsha Revel initially wanted Lindsay to go before sending her to UCLA, documented that the troubled actress would be treated for "methamphetamine" use and "bipolar disorder."

Adderall is classified as an amphetamine. While methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is different, a rehab facility might qualify it as the same addiction type.

Of Lohan, who is penning a jailhouse memoir, Chapman Holley said, "I'm not aware of Morningside's assessment, and as we know she's not at Morningside."

"Her doctors are looking at what prescriptions she is taking, whether or not dosages need to be increased, decreased or stopped. Lindsay's doctors will be looking at everything she is taking, and determining what changes if any need to occur."

Can Lindsay stay clean?


I don't think ordered rehab will work unless she really wants to change - she needs to forget press, Hollywood fame (and her parents need to forget it too) and all of it at least for awhile until she is well - jail time was a laugh barely 2 weeks - even in jail she had it better than a lot of people - she may of been a child actress but she is NOT a child anymore she should start acting like an adult - i feel bad for her but she has to help herself and that may mean forget being a celebrity - to save her own life/


That little skank will end up dead or back in jail...Wanna bet?
Take a look at Paris Hilton: arrested twice in 3 weeks time?...and got off both times. But all these little Hollyweird brainless hats need is a little rope...Bound to go back.


lindsay has been ordered into rehab.She is presently there. For the period of time that she is in rehab,she should be left alone with only her attorney and the confines of the rehab center. In all honesty there should be no reports of medications that she is on,or any hints of dosages. There should not be any leaks about the care she is being given. She is *finally in rehab,she should be given complete privacy until she is fully recovered, and healthy enough to walk out of there a free woman. Of course, there are people who are still concerned about her, but daily updates about her medical care should be as respected as if she was in a private hospital under normal circumstances.I can readily understand the status that has been given of the current reasons for her admission into rehab,any other information should
be considered *private under Doctor's Orders with the intentions of a full recovery.I continue to wish her well!!


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