Lindsay Lohan Free From Rehab, Released Into Wild

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As the signs were pointing to yesterday, Lindsay Lohan has been released from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital. She spent just 23 days at the Hospital.

The troubled star will now receive outpatient care: "The outpatient program is just like the inpatient program, except you go home at night," a source says.

The doctors at UCLA were clear with Judge Elden Fox that Lindsay should be released from the facility immediately, and the judge accepted their stance.

Um, Like, OMFG

LIKE, OMFG, IT'S ABOUT TIME: She's baaack, but will anything change?

Judge Marsha Revel previously ordered Lohan to spend 90 days at UCLA, along with 90 days in jail prior to that. She's now a free woman after 35 ... total.

A court hearing is scheduled for today, presumably to iron out the logistics of her care going forward, although reports say that Lindsay will not be there.

What do we think: Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?


i think they should have kept her in rehab and not out patient either.She needs to be away from her 'old life' for awhile until she learns to say no to the drugs and alcohol that could some day kill her.She has beauty and talent and has been making lousy choices for years and she surrounds herself with enablers.She has to get strong if she wants to survive!


The following you're eyes are to look upon are the sayings of a Bodhisattva. Written down by a disciple Bikkhu. The reader or readers are being saluted by the "namaste". Only time will time how she will end up.But you don't have to be a psychic to see that almost everyone of this celebs and are ending up miserable to the point of no return. Their talent being wasted on fame, money and borderline lifestyles. Many wind up dead. It is just a matter of time untill the next one falls. So the clock tickens more and more. We will just have to wait and see. And can say afterwards: "I told you so? These people have sacfificed them souls to the Mara. The demon of misguidings and the uncontrolled rebirth." In the meantime one can only pray for her that she finds spirituality in her life. And runs away from that place called Hollywood Baylon Sin Sity. Where you can lose your soul. Run, Lindsay run! Ohm shanti.


Lindsay Sux Lindsay Sux Lindsay Sux LINDSAY LOHAN SUCKS!


i think she shoudl move and find friends that will not enable drinking and drug habbits


i think she neds to go away from la and move back home and stay there we don't want her anymore i don't like her she's a slut and a drug additced


Best thing she SHOULD do is stay away from EVERYONE who 'enabled' her .. I worked w/Elizabeth Taylor right after she got out of Betty Ford and she changed EVERYONE who worked with her in years before .. makeup . wardrobe .. hair . standin .. Easiest place to find 'what you want/drugs/drink' is a film set! .. NO, has to be her answer .. I want her to do well in life and not wind up in the morgue at such a young age .. 90 would be nice or older.


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