Levi Johnston Takes Back Apology to Sarah Palin, Has No Other Regrets in Life

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Levi Johnston has just one regret in life.

Not posing nude in Playgirl. Not eschewing birth control and knocking up Bristol Palin out of wedlock. Not selling out his baby mama's famous family again and again.

He just wishes he hadn't apologized to Sarah Palin that time. Why? Because he said then that he lied about Sarah, but in reality, "I never lied about anything."

Future Mayor

Levi said on CBS' The Early Show today that he regrets apologizing to Sarah "'cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. And I've never lied about anything. So that's probably the only thing. The rest of the stuff I can live with."

Johnston is the two-time ex-fiance of Palin's eldest daughter, Bristol, and the father of Bristol's son Tripp. Bristol Palin's pregnancy thrust the couple into the spotlight in 2008 and just landed Bristol a gig on Dancing With the Stars.

Levi, meanwhile, is running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Really.

Earlier this month, his manager, Tank Jones, confirmed that the 20-year-old Johnston plans to run for office as part of a reality TV show. Wasilla, the Anchorage suburb where he's from, is where Sarah Palin herself once served as mayor.

Levi Johnston said he hopes he will be a better mayor of Wasilla than Palin. "I can't guarantee or promise anything but I'm gonna try. That's the goal."

As for the youngster's lack of experience? "I don't think being mayor is about qualifications. I think it's about people liking you and believing in you."

Not that winning wouldn't be completely devoid of personal sacrifices: "If we do win, I'm going to have to give up Hollywood for three years," he said.

Which would be a crying shame. Somehow we don't think he has to worry about that doomsday scenario ... but look forward to watching him try.

Levi Johnston for Mayor?


Sarah Palin made more sense when she played basketball and looked like a dude.


Horseface can see Russia from her house.


Oh and steve, Sarah did just fine managing Alaska. What have you accomplished lately other than pick sock lint out from between your toes?


Oh how I hate the media for continually giving a blathering idiot like this attention. It's like watching a 12 year old trying to operate the space shuttle.


You sure don't need qualifications to run, but I reckon you DO need some brains in that skull. Didn't stop Sarah though.


I predicted this Hatfield's & McCoys feud would keep a goin' 'tween Sarah & Levi. If there's one gossip rag item I'll follow, it's this, it's too funny. Who wants to read fiction when you have the Wasilla Hillbillies? Maybe their reality show could be called "The Playgirl Centerfold and the Gotcha Girl"...or something; whatever it is, it's bound to be a laugh a minute.


Levi is a POS douche. Poor Bristol for ever letting that creep get near her!


Instead of running for mayor,he needs to attend some type of reform school to receive a character check certificate. Levi is no angel, and if lying was a free trip to Heaven, he would be Heaven bound.

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