Levi Johnston: Putting it to Brittani Senser?

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Levi Johnston's brief second engagement with Bristol Palin recently ended, reportedly thanks in part to his participation in a new Brittani Senser music video.

Whether or not the video for her song "After Love" is based on or mocks Levi's relationships with the Palins is disputed, but he definitely stars in the thing.

He also accompanied her to the Teen Choice Awards last night.

Levi's appearance with Brittani, coupled with Bristol Palin dumping his ass, is likely to spark rumors of his romantic connection with the up-and-coming singer.

The jury is still out, but rumors of dalliances with exes Lanesia Garcia and Briana Plum reportedly caused tension with Bristol as well. Watch out, Brittani ...

Levi Johnston and Brittani Senser
Levi's the Man

PLAYERS PLAY: Are Levi Johnston and Brittani Senser more than friends? Unclear? What's quite clear is that he's back on the market. [Photos: Splash News Online]

Johnston tells People that despite breaking up with Bristol, they're on good terms: "Oh, we're friends. The ring's off, but we're friends, so everything's good."

"You know, it's tough," he says of the split following their re-engagement. "It's not something that I wanted, but life goes on. I just take it one step at a time."

He adds that he's still going to make it a priority to spend time with his and Bristol's 19-month-old son, Tripp: "Oh yeah, yeah. We're still co-parenting," he says.

Think Brittani would make a good stepmom?


--- A mature girl? far from it. She makes her money by talking about abstinence and being a teen mom, just another slut with a meal trip baby.


Bristol is a well raised child, extremely polite. Even though Levi mom and sister were going to accompaign him in mainstream media to tell the world how he was having sex with her and insulting her family, I never heard her insulting Levi mom in the public. Bristol is an angel and God will blessed her a lot. Let Levi continue to ly to her in order to make her sufer and her family. But he should know that in this there is not free. What you do you will pay in diffent ways. God will punish him and his family through the wife the evil will give him. Bristol should be strong and look at the Cross, lesten to her parents and God will send her a husband. Because God God has an husband for every woman who live according to his wills.


Her career is over for hanging with him - he'll be doing gay porn within a year.


Despite the fact her mom is a moron, I think Bristol seems like a cute, very mature, grounded girl. This guy seems like a d bag anyway. She can do much better.

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