Laurence Fishburne to Montana: I'm Done With You!

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Montana Fishburne's famous dad isn't pleased with her career choice.

Many fathers have been in that position, sure, but few quite like this.

She recently released her adult film debut, despite Laurence Fishburne's efforts to buy every last copy of the Chippy D sex tape before it hit the open market.

He was too late, Montana Fishburne became an instant success in the industry and was offered a multi-film deal by Vivid, and Laurence is through with her.

So says Montana herself. She called Laurence Monday for the first time since she unveiled her plan to enter the world of porn, and he was none too happy.

Montana Fishburne Image

Laurence and Montana Fishburne are officially estranged.

Laurence told her she is "unwelcome in his life" and wants nothing to do with her, at least for now, after Chip joined the roster of Vivid Entertainment stars.

According to Montana, her dad's direct quote was, "I'm not going to speak with you 'til you turn your life around." He also said that "You embarrassed me."

Hey, give a girl credit for at least being up front about doing porn for the sake of doing porn, unlike hypocrites like Kim Kardashian and their "leaked" tapes.

The CSI star raised one additional, valid criticism of the 19-year-old's XXX debut, telling her "You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn."

Her co-star? Brian Pumper. Point taken.


Yea you think huh Leo??? Didn't work...


In their own way pictures have a way of talking,Montana may be happy with her choices,but I think that Ike Turner look from Laurence should be taken very seriously. Just saying!!


Not sure if Montana reads this. But, if she does, I would like to say to her. Think really hard about what you are doing. Your father cares very much for you, he's just upset with you right now as would any other parent may be. Please do not take him or his love forgranted. Doing porn is not worth you loosing your relationship with your father. I know it is your life but, do something positive. This is negative not just because it is not right but, it is ruining your relationship with your father.


Yea no shit!! About time the family spoke out and told her off!! BTW-nice stretch marks on your titts!!

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