Lady Gaga Outfit of the Week: Fishnets, Little Else

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Let it be said that Lady Gaga's talent is legit and her songs are both catchy and original, proving she is far more than a gimmicky, flash in the musical pan.

Still, outrageous fashion statements are a big part of her act.

The star watched a Semi Precious Weapons concert in fishnet stockings and a fishnet shirt. That's it. Amazing even by her standards. Nothing like wearing lingerie out in public. You might not even see stuff this risque from Montana Fishburne ...

Lady Gaga Fashion Statement

Just another outing for Lady Gaga.

Don't get us wrong, we're not complaining. It's just that the bejeweled granny panties and star pasties are something you'd think she'd save for Luc Carl alone and not thousands of concert goers and millions of online viewers. Her call!

What do you think of the outfit? Just another shameless plea for attention, or the epitome of the envelope-pushing, sexually-charged hotness that is Lady Gaga?

Vote in the survey below: Lady Gaga's fishnets are ...


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Ew. Seriously. If Lady Gaga can perform in this (next to nothing) then why do people have a moral panic over Miley Cyrus wearing a LEOTARD/body-suit on stage? That doesn't show as much as this. Kids and teens watch and listen to Gaga too.


WOW that's fucking hiddeous!! WTF TMI OMG BARF!!! On stage is one thing but these outfits are not an everyday wear!!


Needs a bit toning down. . looks scuzzy.


Somebody run and get Lady Gaga a pair of heels before somebody steps on her like the next cockroach.


This midgit is getting more attention than an oompa loompa making chocolate .I guess it's time a dwarf got some recognition in Hollywood and not just for leading Dorothy down the yellow brick road .Go Gettim Lady Gaga.


It's a dude dressed up like Courtney Love!


It has got to be extremely difficult trying to outdo yourself each and every day of your life.This ragfest is both tacky and trashy,and should be thrown into the nearest dumpster.


I miss the old gaga, you know the one from the pokerface music video.


Lady Gaga is really succeeding at the nothing look and the black guy next to her must be desperate for attention.He's either a midget or he is down on his knees.


Cher did it all long before Madonna did.