Kim Kardashian vs. Kourtney Kardashian: Battle of the Bikini Bodies!

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According to a new tabloid cover story, Kim Kardashian is sick of taking revenge out on Reggie Bush via her bikini body.

Instead, she's now setting her sexy sights on sister Kourtney Kardashian!

In a hilariously contrived story, In Touch Weekly claims the sisters are "at war" over which is the hottest member of the least talented family on television.

"They are always looking at each other’s body and picking it apart," an insider tells the magazine, adding that Kourtney "always makes fun of Kim’s... cellulite."

Bikini Body Battle!

The same imaginary source says Kim is jealous that Kourtney's relationship with Scott Disick, along with her son and reality show, has made Kourtney the most popular, hottest star in the family.

“Kim isn’t about to give up her throne without a fight," the friends says, warning readers that they should expect an influx of club appearances and skimpy outfits from Kim over the next few weeks.

This is all utter nonsense, but THG might as well stoke the supposed sisterly fire. Compare their bodies above and decide: Who would you rather...


I think theyre both amazing women and equally beautiful.:)


Geez, so much hate for eye candy. Yes, I'm a guy and yes, I think they're attractive. Is there something wrong with that? There are a lot worse sins than being pretty and flaunting it.


kim kardashian is the most beautiful woman i have ever set eyes on. she has everything, boobs,booty and face. she wins over kourtney by far.


they all look great. God created us differently and in special way. Kim, Kourt you are all sexy.


i love to see kim kardashian more then her sis.


I think they look so much alike that they are both as gorgeous as each other. I am a huge fan of both of you :)


Kim is hotter, minus the botox-infused face. But her beautiful derriere puts a smile on me every time, though I'm aware that that is fake.


even after a baby, kourtney is smokin hot. at least she's got one hot bod that has not been peed on lol.


Who cares?


This fame whores need to sit down and read a book. Every magazine this year has talked about their weight in one way or another. Who cares.... Their 15 min of fame is about up!

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