Ke$ha on Adam Lambert VMA Snub: What the Heck?!?

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Lady Gaga 13, Adam Lambert 0.

Earlier this month, the oddly-dressed eccentric singer set a record for MTV Video Award Nominations. But many music fans are more focused on the shut-out of the former American Idol runner-up, who didn't receive a single nod for any songs or videos.

Idol in Concert

Among those perplexed by this fact is Ke$ha. Speaking to Billboard magazine, the artist said of the snub:

“It's a little bit unfortunate that he didn't get nominated, because he does have one of the best voices I've ever heard. In a business full of utmost douchebaggery, I'm really lucky to have found a real friend in him."

At times, Ke$ha and Adam have been more than friends. They played a bit of tonsil hockey with each other in February of this year and would make an incredible couple if the latter ever switched teams.

For now, we'll just need to be content with their platonic relationship. But we don't need to be satisfied with Lambert's VMA snub! Write in now and share your displeasure over this shameful oversight!


Can someone ask these 'powers that be' why they did not consider Adam? I think an explanation is in order. I will boycott and not support or watch. However, I am voting as much as I can for IIHY at vh1 top 20 because this video is amazing. It seems our Adam has to work sooo hard to get the praise he deserves. Don't give up, Adam, you'll win in the end.........


adam lambert is gay so that can't be reall


Adam is one of the best performers this world has seen. I can't fathom that he was dissed. Kudos to Adam, you are the BEST!


Adam should have been nominated, his voice is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and his videos are so creative and entertaining! Whoever nominates people for these things are a bunch of idiots for not nominating Adam. I personally think they are being prejudice against him because he is gay, SO WHAT!! He is an amazingly talented guy and an amazing person in general!! I STILL LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!

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