Ke$ha on Adam Lambert VMA Snub: What the Heck?!?

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Lady Gaga 13, Adam Lambert 0.

Earlier this month, the oddly-dressed eccentric singer set a record for MTV Video Award Nominations. But many music fans are more focused on the shut-out of the former American Idol runner-up, who didn't receive a single nod for any songs or videos.

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Among those perplexed by this fact is Ke$ha. Speaking to Billboard magazine, the artist said of the snub:

“It's a little bit unfortunate that he didn't get nominated, because he does have one of the best voices I've ever heard. In a business full of utmost douchebaggery, I'm really lucky to have found a real friend in him."

At times, Ke$ha and Adam have been more than friends. They played a bit of tonsil hockey with each other in February of this year and would make an incredible couple if the latter ever switched teams.

For now, we'll just need to be content with their platonic relationship. But we don't need to be satisfied with Lambert's VMA snub! Write in now and share your displeasure over this shameful oversight!

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MTV and ABC might share the same board of directors. So old guys are now nominating artists. I always thought MTV was inovative and cutting edge. I guess the old people on the MTV nominations committee, have not only lost their bite, but a cutting edge perception.


It seems counterproductive for TPTB to shut him out of the nominations when VH1 has reported that his page on their website is the #1 most visited page. Why wouldn't you want to have a guy that generates that kind of traffic (and therefore ad revenues based on clicks) on your show to generate increased viewership? And it's cable, so even if he wanted to mack on Tommy again, who cares? Stupid choice, so stupid it makes me wonder if ABC owns MTV.


this is just another slap in the face. What are you guys thinking? His vides are #1 all over the place.


I cannot believe that his videos were ignored. They have repeatedly been ranked No 1 at VHI and others video streams.I am with Ke$ha - what the heck!


I love Adam and he should have been nominated. There is alot of jealousy and I don't think people in the "business" really respect the singers from AI. Who cares? It is a stupid show and now I don't have to sit through it just to see Adam. Who votes for this stuff anyway? Who nomintes the singers in the first place?


adam and miley cyrus shoud've been nominated!! they totally deserve it!!! i think the one in mtv who selected the nominations is probably homophobe!!! and hates the teen queen!


It will do MTV no good to try to shove some of their chosen artists down peoples' throats. I don't care anything about most of the artists promoted by MTV, and I, like 9/10's of the U.S. population, don't live anywhere near a ghetto and could care less about rap music or R&B. I will continue to support and enjoy Adam Lambert's music, videos, and concerts every way I can.


Adam deserves all awards available. He is truely the best musical artist that has been around in a very long time. It does not seem though that the best artists get recognition in the form of awards. But, his tour is enjoying phenomenal success in a summer where other tours are stuggling to fill seats, his singles are going up the charts, and his album is still selling strong 9 months after its release, so congratulations Adam for all of your success, your devoted fans don't care about MTV or any other awards, and thank you for sharing your glam, glitter, light and love, and your amazing talent with us.


I don't understand why the VMA's would snub one of their most popular artists. Adam has so many fans who regularly vote for him on VH1 Top Twenty Countdown. 'If I Had You' has been #1 twice since it was released. Many other artists were snubbed as well. Why? Giving so many nominations to just a few artists will make for a boring show. I'm not watching this year because of that. I'm sick of the stupid politics that the entertainment industry plays. It seems like it's all about who you know, and not about how much talent you have. Well I don't know any of them, so I don't care who their grandpa, or father is. All I know is what I like, and I like Adam Lambert. If he isn't on then I'm not watching.


Unfortunately, I was not surprised at the snub. He has been pretty much ignored in some music industry circles since AMA's. Not certain of the all the reasons and I guess we will never know but he is courageous, determined, amazingly talented and he will be OK and solid with those of us who "get it" and who love him for it.

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