Ke$ha on Adam Lambert VMA Snub: What the Heck?!?

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Lady Gaga 13, Adam Lambert 0.

Earlier this month, the oddly-dressed eccentric singer set a record for MTV Video Award Nominations. But many music fans are more focused on the shut-out of the former American Idol runner-up, who didn't receive a single nod for any songs or videos.

Idol in Concert

Among those perplexed by this fact is Ke$ha. Speaking to Billboard magazine, the artist said of the snub:

“It's a little bit unfortunate that he didn't get nominated, because he does have one of the best voices I've ever heard. In a business full of utmost douchebaggery, I'm really lucky to have found a real friend in him."

At times, Ke$ha and Adam have been more than friends. They played a bit of tonsil hockey with each other in February of this year and would make an incredible couple if the latter ever switched teams.

For now, we'll just need to be content with their platonic relationship. But we don't need to be satisfied with Lambert's VMA snub! Write in now and share your displeasure over this shameful oversight!

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next time for adam


Is too bad that Adam didn't win,because he is the world most talented singer,with such a briliant voice!That's so,so bad!


what an injustice has been done. most of the nominees cant compare with adam let alone never heard of them. in america justice will prevail. i cant believe professional educated nominators could pull a trick like this.most americans are honest and hard working and can see the s--t thats been done. im asking other stars to stand up and put your support for adam. like kiesha ,now she has more respect and more fans.we love you, these homophobes are something else,-. at our end we will be standing in a row an we face our creator he will not tag us .we will all be treated the same.


OMFG!!! Adam is like one of my top fav singers and everyone treats him like sh*t. He kisses a guy on stage, people drop him from shows the next day. Now this, i tell you that MTV is walking on very thin ice. Gays are the people who make this world a better place. We are the people who make the clothing style everyone loves, we do your hair (im sure every singers and actors hair, make up, wardrobe ect are all done by gay people) But god forbid we give an award to one.


SHAME! SHAME!... Adam is one of the BEST entertainers to come to us in many years.
He should be appreciated for his GREAT talent... NOT his personal life. It's Ok Adamn this gal still loves you! Keep up the great work!
xxoo "S"


This has been a pattern for Adam. Those who really hear and see him, know that he is a well-trained, experienced, versatile, intelligent, gorgeous, innovative, humble and loving entertainer and individual. It doesn't matter that he didn't "win" Idol. He has sold out concerts in this area, when other veteran performers have not within the same venue. Why was he overlooked for a music award?... perhaps because he really comes in above the mediocre to pitiful recorded "?artists?" who are benefiting from marketing and the inability of the majority of the public to hear musically and to embrace true artistry. Love Adam!!!! (could you tell? LOL).


I don't feel this is very important whether Adam was nominated or not. What is important is how well he is selling out all concerts on his tour, how well he is selling records & how well loved he is. He is an amazing talent, MTV knows that look at how much coverage they have given him so far. Remember this really is the beginning, he has such an incredible career ahead…


It's nice to get an award. But Adam's award is millions of dedicated fans who go to multiple sold out concerts and buy anything with his name or image on. So he got snubbed for a video award (Epic fail MTV). Luckily Adam has an arsenal of talents that guarantee longevity. He is an incredible singer, dancer and actor. He gives a great interview as he is smart, funny and engaging. He is inspirational, causing fans everywhere to think differently about things like inclusion and spreading love and light. And it is an added bonus that he is drop dead gorgeous.


this is just another example of who runs what. Adam is one of the best singers in music today!!! What the hell is going on with the industry!! The fans should all get together an ban MTV and its aff.Remember the industry needs all of us to support them. Without our $$$$$$ there would be no MTV......


Where will Kenya West going to be when you need him?

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