Ke$ha on Adam Lambert VMA Snub: What the Heck?!?

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Lady Gaga 13, Adam Lambert 0.

Earlier this month, the oddly-dressed eccentric singer set a record for MTV Video Award Nominations. But many music fans are more focused on the shut-out of the former American Idol runner-up, who didn't receive a single nod for any songs or videos.

Idol in Concert

Among those perplexed by this fact is Ke$ha. Speaking to Billboard magazine, the artist said of the snub:

“It's a little bit unfortunate that he didn't get nominated, because he does have one of the best voices I've ever heard. In a business full of utmost douchebaggery, I'm really lucky to have found a real friend in him."

At times, Ke$ha and Adam have been more than friends. They played a bit of tonsil hockey with each other in February of this year and would make an incredible couple if the latter ever switched teams.

For now, we'll just need to be content with their platonic relationship. But we don't need to be satisfied with Lambert's VMA snub! Write in now and share your displeasure over this shameful oversight!


very disappointed that Adam is so obviously beibg black balled fron all the awards show. Turn it around...they are so treatened by him...they are afraid he will win EVERYTHING!!!!


I h ave been terribly disturbed ever since I learned of the totally outrageous eliminination of Adam Lambert as a nominee for the MTV VIDEO AWARDS. I followed Adam ever since he was first on Idol. I was trained as a professional singer from my early years and understand shows to find outstanding talent. I felt at the beginning Adam was a sure winner and would end up a super star. I have never changed my mind. He has a God given voice, looks and presence. He will truly be a great iconic star. I believe that completely and also believe the people who made the selections NOT to nominate Adam are either, deaf, blind, homophobic or outrageously mean.What is their problem? He has been a star performer from the beginning, including his Glamnation tour.


mtv u suck,play some music videos like you use too,Adam Lambert should had been nominated for the mtv video music adwards,you are just crazy because Adam is the best singer in the whole world!!!!I might not even watch next year.


There is no good explanation why Adam Lambert was not nominated.
Well, we'll just have to right that wrong by buying up more or his albums. I'm going out tomorrow to do just that. In fact, I can buy from Adam's official fan site and buy more. I hope Lady Gaga wins them all!


It is impossible to understand why Adam Lambert has not been recognized over and over is a true mystery. Every one of his concerts has been sold out and he has legions of fans everywhere worldwide. Adam MORE than deserves to be illuminated as a true star. He has more charisma than anyone else I know and is a consistently fabulous singer. His album is a success and his video "If I Had You" should have top honors!!!! What's going on? Who's in charge here??? Somebody needs to get real and stop being so discriminatory! Adam Lambert is the best ever and there are plenty of people supporting him! Give it up for Adam people...he's the best talent around!


He should have been MTV's best new artist? WTF? I was shocked when the list came out and he was nominated for nothing. Just hope 30STM wins their catagories.


I remember the glory days of MTV, years ago my favorite channel. You could tune in and get great music and videos all day long. Now, when I pass it channel surfing, it's all fake-reality TV and other junk. MTV has lost its mojo over the years, but I would have tuned in if there was a chance to see or hear about Adam Lambert. No Adam? Then I won't be watching. MTV needs to examine its PTB. Adam Lambert is the most interesting and amazing artist to come along in a very long time. Just goes to show how far MTV has fallen.


ADAM is GLAM, has the most incredible vocals amongst all the current entertainers. He is beyond superb-- his talent, his performance and his character. Men eons of years back were not afraid to dress feminine. Lord Krishna wore jewels and makeup. The Kings and Princes of the old dynasties wore elaborrate outfits and giant jewels. They were handsome-- ADAM IS A REINCARNATED ROYAL BLOOD....far beyond anyone in looks, intelligence and wisdom. His choices of words/phrases, the way he speaks, the way he carries himself reveals his nobility.
As for MTV-- Adam's fans should boycott the show... such level of rudeness and ignorance should not be tolerated. Adam will create a video that would surpass anything and everything out there-- way beyond our imagination. MTV would be kissing Adam's feet....ADAM's talent is superb--like what Paula said in AI-- Adam is in his own league. One day soon...Adam will show the world he's the KING...!!! More power to you ADAM!!!


Adam Lambert knows what he is talking about. He predicted he would have never been signed by a major label if it had not been for AI, because of the middle aged corporate manly men that think him "too (fill in the blank ______)" I would not imagine MTV to be in this category, but you never know. Adam's videos are some of the most visually interesting that I have seen in some time (except for Gaga's of course). But I guess this award show really is not about the videos.


So how exactly do they determine who to nominate? There's not a better singer or performer out there today -- not to mention that he's such an incredible visual artist. A true feast for the senses. The fact that he's not even nominated makes this awards show a travesty IMO.

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