Keeping Up with the Kardashians Preview: Nice Vagina, Khloe!

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In the following trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner says he's "sick and tired of all of this."

The former Olympian is referring to contrived problems in his marriage, but he might as well be speaking for millions of individuals who shake their heads over the deterioration of society, largely exemplified by the interest in this utterly talentless family.

Among the previewed developments writers have penned and producers have set up for Khloe, Kourtney, Kim and company on the new season, which premieres August 22:

  • Kim is set up with Miles Austin, and gets upset over texts to "whores."
  • Kris flirts with a younger man.
  • Scott Disick complains about his quasi in-laws and threatens a move to New York.
  • Kim compliments Khloe on her vagina. 

Watch the promo below and ask yourself: Is this really what television has devolved into?

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SORRY GUYS, but this is a scripted show, just like most "reality" shows (remember The Hills). They are famous because schmucks watch these shows each and every week. How else can you explain it, all these talentless reality show "actors" and their 15 minutes of fame.


i'm from australia and only just got into the show - i love it. i think all u guys are great! khole ur my fave...bruce is pretty feral to look at though....but u get used to him after a few episodes


I hate it when people say Kim's mom is pimping her daughters out and Bruce Jenner sits around collecting the revenues.Bruce deserves to live a little and living in a house full of whores aint bad.


love u guys totally especially kourtney she is so straight forward.haters r so jealous they cant be u guys.


Y'all need to shut the crap up..especiazlly you N.Ellen. These Kardashians may just be so nice and you dont know it.and you put everythin on BRUCE...what? your plannin to marry him?what a low-life you must be. They are livin the life...They should do more things...NOT just hang around dilly seems borin and lame. they should go to disney...or have hangovers at parties and somethin and try not lettin the paparrazzi get the story out before the show hits television...


If you guys hate the show so much them why waste ur time commenting about it???? You may not like the family or the choices they make but none forces you to watch.


This show is false and TOTALLY SCRIPTED. Nothing on this show is real. Kris is an ugly plastic old whore and so are her daughters


Just wanted to make a comment to N.Ellen, who made last comment. Hey Ellen , is your life so perfect there's nothing u can improve ? Bet there is !!


Gee, Bruce .. I tend NOT to believe you are fed up with all this when YOU are 'whipped' or were 'whipped' into allowing it all .. NO GOLD MEDAL FOR YOU .. SCRIPTED . gee .. bunch of trailer trash .. except for your youngest daughter, SO FAR .. YOU, Bruce, Let this happen cause you went along with your uhhhhhh wife .. Yes, fed up? .. then GET OUT . divorce and get out/stay out .. see YOUR girls alone only .. Were you talked into having your face lifted too? . Bet you were .