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Bobby B - Your 100% correct. I've heard that there are videos of him pleasuring himself while dressed in drag.

Also, he is a terrible person for doing this. Camille, Mason and Jude deserve better. Before he met Camille he was a drunk and coke head. Camille doesn't put up with drinking or drugs and help Kelsey through the tough times.

I thought I knew him but I guess I dont..


What's wrong with these people!!!

The parents are pleased? Of what? They raised a home wrecker? That this will be the second time Kelsey has knocked a woman up while married to another woman? That their daughter is the one knocked up? He’s an absentee father? Kelsey is a serial adulterer with now 3 failed marriages and a failed engagement? He’s a known cross dresser, drug addict and drunk? He has been known to enjoy the affections of underage women and so on and so forth…? They should just keep their mouths closed and hope the storyline goes away as quickly as Kelsey’s last 2 TV shows did.

And the answer is. They’re please it was a celebrity and not some random jobless fellow she had a one night stand with and fell in love.

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