Katie Price Says Children of Divorced Parents Are Lucky, Peter Andre Disagrees

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Katie Price has made many a tasteless remark in the past, but her recent comments about how "lucky" children of divorced parents are - because of all of those extra presents they receive, don'cha know - where not looked favorably upon.

Especially not by Peter Andre, who she divorced and has kids with.

Katie Price, Breasts

The reality star and singer told the Mirror (UK): “I have to say I really don’t agree with this. I think that divorce absolutely affects kids no matter what age."

"If it can be avoided, it should be. Obviously for some couples, divorce is the only option and there’s no other way for them. But, ideally, kids shouldn’t have to go through it and if they do, they certainly shouldn’t be classed as 'lucky.'"

Peter Andre and Katie Price have two small children.

"There is no amount of material possessions that could possibly make up for the fact that you don’t have both parents around you all the time.”

Well ... yeah. Definitely. Sounds obvious, right? Not if you're Katie Price.

Perhaps that was just her way of justifying her lack of mothering skills? The father of her first child, Dwight Yorke, has pretty much said she's a nightmare - a vain and terrible parent who should never raise kids. That or she's crazy.

In any case, she's all yours now, Alex Reid.


leve katie alone u idiots u all jelous of her fuck of


she's not very bright is she,


Learn To Spel Idiot And Learn How To Look On The Bright Side For Her Three Little Kiddies!


thats 1 of the worse comment comig out of her fucked up mouth he fucking bitch it the most hardest thing i the world 2 see your mum and dad have a divorce and she makes this comments the only reason u get more presents is bcoz the mum and dad are fighing 2 get the best present.the best present for eny kid would be if there perents were 2gether so the slag should wisen up and think of what she is going 2 say the messed up slag needs 2 under sand that


The man is an idiot! I agree totally with Laura - it isn't all doom and gloom for the kids. He will say ANYTHING to make her look bad. Also if he thought as much about the kids as he says he does he would keep them away from Kerry Katona - remind me - didn't she do drugs and swear at her kids on TV?? Is she a good role model? No GOOD parent would let their kids near her. He is CONSTANTLY slating Katie - I hope in the years to come the kids know what he is and has been like towards their mother.


Please Give The Woman A Break! She Simply Pointed Out The Bright Side For Her Children At Home To Point Out Its Not ALL Doom & Gloom!
Pete is an idiot! HES The one Playing With The Publicity Every Little Thing Kate Says Is Hit Back At And Slated!! Please Give Her A Break She Is A Perfectly Good Mother! She Keeps Her Kids Away From Her Crazy Party Side Which Every Single One Of Us Have Including All The Old Fashioned Ones Who Sit At Home With There Long Skirts And Go To Bed At Nine Oclock Even They Go Out And Drink Too Much And Go A Little Crazy So Its Not Just Kate. I Think She Is Stunningly Beautiful And A Good Maamy To Her Three Litle Ones And Her Marraige Problems With Alex Is Nobodies Busines Except The Two ACTUALLY IN THE MARRAIGE!!
Teaam Katiee All The Way Leave Her Alone!


I sure hope Peter has full and sole custody of those 2 kidlets, she shouldn't have anything to do with them, she has changed so much in such a bad way, i feel sorry for her, she use to be so beautiful and somewhat smart to a point...
Peter, keep those kids far away from her, for there best interest...

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