Kat Von D Confirms She's Dating Jesse James, Pointlessly Deletes Tweet Hours Later

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Kat Von D Tweeted too soon. She and the Vanilla Gorilla have been outed.

Following days of rumors regarding her relationship with Jesse James, the tattoo artiste contradicted her own rep and confirmed they are more than friends.

After posting on Twitter earlier today, "Yes, Jesse and I are dating," the LA Ink star took down the message shortly after - but not until the message got out.

Therein lies the genius of Twitter. Kat's declaration quickly spread and was re-Tweeted by more than 100 people, then screen-capped by at least one (below).

Why even take it down at that point?

Kat Tweet

Her rep said she and the motorcycle mogul are just friends and their cozy date night in Vegas over the weekend wasn't the start of a new relationship.

But clearly Jesse James and Kat Von D are not platonic.

"Jesse and Kat drove to Las Vegas together in Jesse's car. It was just the two of them and they slept in the same room," says a People source. "They have been friends for years, but this is the first time they are both single."

As far as how Jesse's ex, Sandra Bullock, feels about this?

Despite the inevitable barrage of stories about how J-squared BETRAYED her and how HEARTBROKEN she is, we're guessing at this point, she couldn't care less.

After all, he was nailing Michelle McGee and others while they were married. Why would him dating Kat after they're divorced be shocking or upsetting?


Kat is such a dumb dumb twitt. She has to go after loser cause the real men don't want her. So sad.. everyone can see you for the whore you are! Get a life! Matter of fact.. get ur own life.


Ugh one would think she would know better...NOT


this just proves what everyone knows about jesse james - that he's an asshole. after crying about losing sandra for what he has done just only two months ago, here he is boning another whorish tatted chick. there's no remorse at all and clearly he is a sex maniac with a fixation on biker/tatted whores! the interview was just to gain sympathy, all lies. he even denied at first that he is dating this worthless kat von d.


oh now it has become official: kat von d's pie hole is now tatted by that gorilla's INK!

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